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  • Judge Steps Down From Theater Shooting Trial

    Wednesday Jul 8 | via WFLA-AM Tampa 

    The judge in the Pasco county movie theater shooting trial has removed himself after strong reaction to comments he made from the bench. During a pre-trial hearing last week, a frustrated Judge Pat Siracusa responded to requests from both the prosecution and defense to delay the trial of former Tampa police captain Curtis Reeves.


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  • Judge push Pasco theater shooting trial back to Janu...

    Jun 30, 2015 | via St. Petersburg Times 

    Circuit Judge Pat Siracusa begrudgingly agreed Tuesday to delay the trial of Curtis Reeves Jr., the retired Tampa police captain accused to shooting and killing a man in a movie theater, after attorneys on both sides asked for more time. The trial, which was scheduled to start Aug. 24, is now slated to begin Jan 11, 2016.


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  • Accused Pasco theater shooter in court today

    Jun 30, 2015 | via ABC Action News 

    It has been a year and a half since Reeves, a former Tampa Police captain, was charged in the fatal shooting of Chad Oulson on Jan. 13, 2014, in a Cobb CineBistro theater in Wesley Chapel. Reeves and his wife were sitting behind Chad Oulson and his wife, Nicole, in the theater when Reeves asked Oulson to stop texting before the movie, according to law enforcement.


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Wesley Chapel Law

Could I be waiting to get a dui?
Was in a car accident about a month ago, it was my fault. I was taken to the emergency, but had no injuries. The other person was also not injured in any way. They did blood work and found that there was alcohol in my system. About an hr later, an officer came in and only gave me a traffic citation. My insurance company has since given me a rental car and increased my premium. I have already done the traffic school that was needed. Should I get ready to deal with a dui?
In my former life as a prosecutor, if there is a legal blood draw done you could be facing a future DUI and frequently...
Can I be charged with a DUI?
I was asleep in my vehicle in a parking lot, the deputy approached my vehicle and could not wake me up so called ems. Once they woke me up and brought me to the hospital they preceded to run blood and urin tests. Once testing was completed the hospital released me. There was no written citation that I received yet 8 months later the same deputy came to my home to verify my address stating that the state attorney was trying to get ahold of me.
There is a big difference between being charged with DUI, and having lots of defenses to the charge. The State can file...
Lawyer in a dui case
if your lawyer tells you to handle everything that has to do with losing a DUI case like DUI school, charity, and what not, is he preparing for a loss...I refused the breathalyzer and I believe if there is a video of this field sobriety test that I could at least get a dropped to a reckless.... if that was the case, I don't know if I should plead no contest or guilty for a lesser sentence
It sounds like your lawyer is asking you to do these things so it will show the State Attorney that you are taking this...
I was arrested for first dui and failed the dui class. what are the consequences
arrested for first dui and have not been convicted yet. [email protected]
You either have to take a plea or go to trial if the State will not reinstate your pretrial diversion contract. The...
I was stopped for DUI. I don't drink or, do drugs. The State Troopers took my car to an impound lot and I was taken to jail.
When I got out of jail, I went to pick up my car at the impound lot. It was more than I could afford as,I had just paid bills.Then, I went into the hospital, When I got out, we went to pick it up. My lien holder had picked up. I didn't receive any type of call that they were doing this. I had made 2 years of payments. They said I would have to pay $7775.00 and, I only owed $6700. They sold my car at an auction for $3700. I received letter that I owed $4975 for the difference. They put it on my credit report as a repo. Linda
Sorry, for what happened to you, but I don't see a question.
Videos about getting pulled over
I see a lot of people making videos of getting pulled over with they roll the window down the quarter of the way, they say no to answering questions, no thank you to getting out of the car, and no to searching, can I go freely, on what grounds are you detaining me, i thought this was America not Germany!! I was just wondering what are the rights in fl, that you have especially for someone like me on a restricted license that doesn't want to cause trouble but don't want to get myself in trouble by saying the wrong thing either are you able to just say NO THANK YOU to everything. if your window is cracked i heard there's no proof of any probable cause for DUI, so can you just drive off after you asked can I go
I think the rumors you have heard are inaccurate. When stopped for a potential DUI you merely risk a criminal charge...
Can I get a CDL license if I had a DUI only 1 15 months ago.
I refused a blow test, I did all classes required I have my regular license but my job is wanting me to get a CDL. I have a sr22 for the next 2 years.
Florida Statute 322.64 states that any holder of a commercial drivers license (CDL) that is arrested for driving any...