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How hard would it to get my rights restored ??And how much would it cost me??
I was charged with a d.u.i. in 97 and the so called legal system in Lee County Va. I went to court several times ..The officer never seen me driving or pulled me over..He also never showed up for court..To the best of mt knowlage I went to court still they took all my rights and it took them 6 years to put me in prison..
This question needs to be directed at an attorney in Lee County Virginia. Had this been a Missouri dwi and if this was...
Missouri new "petition the court for driving privilege reinstatement" law? Does it apply to me?
I received my 2nd dwi in 08. Served my 5 yr revocation plus one yr for driving while suspended. 2 months before I was eligible for reinstatement missouri law changed stating I had to petition the court where the offense occured (by lawyer) , install a iid that carries a higher maintenance rate and other things making it more costly and difficult to get it back. Do the changes apply to me. Can the court help me and can and how do I petition them myself?
If you go to the Missouri Department of Revenue website, you will find instructions on how to petition the appropriate...
What is the penalty for 4th dui and 3rd degree assault on law officer in mo?
being charged with 2 dui felony and 3rd degree assault on law officer this is the 4th dui though.
Discussing potential criminal charges or penalties at online forums can be risky. If your concern is about potential...
What is the severity that can be charged upon a minor with a Felony?
I'm 17 and I got arrested back in June, I spent a night in jail too. I was intoxicated while driving and I had alcohol, as well as my mom's prescription pills(two Xanex pills) in my car when I was arrested. I got a lawyer in hopes of getting a clean record again. But recently my lawyer notified me that I might be getting charged with a felony(for the pills) and I would have to serve up to 120 days in prison. I don't meet with my lawyer for a few days, and when I do my mom is going to tell him than that they pills are hers. She had proof since she kept her Xanex bottle. I was wondering if they can they punish a minor like myself with such severity? I have yet to attend a court date, my previous one got cancelled and I am just trying to anticipate what could happen. Thank you for your time
Given that you are a minor, your case should be filed in the Juvenile court. I need to know whether your case is filed...
DUI from other state never showed up on driving record
In August of 2002 I got a DUI in Illinois but had a Missouri license. My Illinois lawyer told me Illinois couldn't suspend my Missouri license but that they could suspend it when Illinois sent the information to Missouri. It was never suspended and it isn't on my driving record. I was just at the dmv to update my address and heard them asking people if their license has ever been suspended or revoked. This must be something new they are asking because I've never been asked this question. When I renew my license in 2019 I am not sure how to answer this question. My license hasn't ever been suspended but my driving privileges in Illinois were taken away for 3 months. I am very confused but also don't want to bring it up if I don't have to, as it's been 13 years.
This is probably better posed to a MO lawyer but my suspicion is that when you apply for renewal MO will run PDPS and "...
Just received my third DWI. What kind of plea bargain could an attorney work out? Drug court? Can anyone do drug court?
I currently don't have a job and I believe you need a job for drug court
Call a local DUI attorney asap. You may want to consider getting on SCRAM.
My son had 3 months left on a dui probation in missouri when he got another dui misdemeanor. Never went back to court. Now what
He suffers from PTSD after 2 tours in Iraq which has contributed to his excessive drinking.
He needs an attorney as he is likely looking at least some jail time. Both on the probation violation and the new...