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Can DUI sentences change from state to state?
My boyfriend is a former Ohio resident who recently moved to Missouri, while in Ohio he obtained 3 DUI's and received a 5 year suspension on his drivers liceanse, he is halfway through his suspension but was recently told by Missouri DMV that his suspension is now 10 years because he resides in Missouri. Is this accurate? Can your sentence change state to state for DUI's?
The general rule of thumb is that the state DMV views an out of state offense as if it had been committed in the...
Is it illegal for a prosecuting attorney to demand money to dismiss a case?
I was arrested for driving with a green tint to my tongue, which apparently means I was smoking marijuana. The court dates have carried on for a year and now that it is coming close to a trial by jury the prosecuting attorney has told my public defender that if I pay him, not the court the judge doesn't even know about his "deal", then he will dismiss my case. Is this even legal? Who would I report this blatant act of extortion to when the police force covers for him?
Have your public defender told these details. Sounds like you have a good defense.
Do I have to wait until my ex is actually convicted?
I found an arrest report online and my ex got arrested for DWI the other day. My kids are supposed to go across the country to see him this summer for visitation. Well due to the current situation (and this is NOT his first one, this is the second DWI in a year and a half, first one was in Illinois) he will likely get his license suspended and who knows what else, Can I request visitation be held up and he have to have supervised visitation until he completes some sort of alcohol treatment or something? My concern is their safety and he has proven he is obviously not responsible. Will this be possible or do I have to wait for him to actually be convicted before the courts can impose that?
You do not need to wait for a criminal conviction to address the issue in front of the family courts. You can...
I got in an accident while intoxicated. 6 months later they brought my charge up from a dwi to Assualt 2nd. What do i do?
A while back i got in the accident while intoxicated. 6 months later i received a grand jury indictment for Assualt 2nd. I fought it out all the way to pre-trial (2 days before trial, with a public defender.. blah) and all they would do is drop one of the 2 Felonies. Now im stuck with this on my record. Is there any way i can get this expunged after my 5 years probation. It is SES probation. This is the state of missouri. Im just really worried ill never own a weapon again NOR see a good life.
Make a copy of your entire court file and bring it to an attorney in your area that is experienced in expungements....
What determines whether a person is an "aggravted offender"?
Fiance was arrested for 4th DWI. Would that be aggravated offender and Class D felony, is that correct on the new charge?
If convicted the prior three times, than yes, most likely an aggravated offender under statute and it is a Class C...
Not hypothetical: A guy had three DWI's 13 years ago, and went to prison for them. This year, he got a DWI.
Will he be charged with habitual criminal? Will the other DWI's count against him?
The short answer is "yes," the other DWIs will count against him. By law, he will be charged with a felony (because of...
Can I get reinstated after one year with 3 DWI convictions?
I received 2 DWI charges in 2002 one was sis with one year unsupervised probation the other was a bac conviction. In feb 2014 I pleaded guilty to a DWI charge and received 5 years probation comm service etc... Do I fall under " normal" conditions to have a 10 year revocation or can I get reinstated after a year due to the sis? I know I can get court to allow a dlp.
Based on the description of your probation, i.e., 5 years, it sounds like you have a conviction for a felony DWI....