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How can I ask for a extension on dui referral?
I am unable to make it to my dui enrolment on Wednesday the 19th do to I have no ride and license to get there.I called my probation office and ask I her if its possible to make the date to next week and she said a ten day time limit is all I have to enrol....I said I have no ride .she did not give me any optons. What do I do??
Enrolling and attending are two different things. Look at your paperwork. Do you have 10 days to enroll or 10 days to...
How do I ask for anorher court referral order?
I got a dui charge on July 5 and was given a a referral order that said ,I must contact a Chemical treatment agency within 10 days to comply with the court order and/or attend a scheduled victims panel meeting within 90 days.....but i will be able to go inroll later that se afternoon at least.so basically I don't and won't and dont have a ride to go the treatment agency that Wednesday 19th in the morning because everyone that I know won't have time to take me. But if I go the clerks office tomorrow and ask to speak to the judge to be put on the court schedule later that day to ask for a extension....for a chance for another referral order ? And that sane afternoon is the victims panel too I will be able to attend @ 5:30 the 19th what are my chances.
It sounds like you have a plan so that's what you do. Someone from that area and Court would have to say what are your...
WELL what should I do go to the clerk's office to put me in to speak to the judge and see if he gives me a chance ?
Well my court order say to contact the treatment agency within ten day to comply and/or attend a scheduled victims panel meeting within 90 days
Your question makes on sense. What kind of chance can the judge give you and about what? What does seeking treatment...
How long does it take to get you license back from dwi mine has been eight years.
I got a dwi took the alford plea my breathalizer was thrown out of court and the alcohol assessment place is trying to use that agianst me eight years later.
Your question asks about getting your driver's license back. What does that have to do with any form of alcohol...
Why did he get 15 months when i see other cases where someone killed by a dui and they got 12 months. Can we complain and how?
My fiance has been charged with Assault 2nd degree. He has a 1 prior felony when he was a minor (12 years old) and 1 prior DV misdemeanor as an adult. He plead guilty taking a deal and received 15 months.
The short answer is that each different offense has a different sentence range based on seriousness and a person's...
Can a probation officer change requirements for compliance of a deferred prosecution years after the original agreement
I entered into a deferred prosecution for a dui over 2 years ago. I've complied with all of the probation requirements completed my 2 year treatment program attended 2 aa meetings a week for the duration of the program. Now my probation officer is telling me that I have to continue to go to aa meetings for the remaining 3 years because the guidelines for probation on someone with a deferred prosecution have changed recently. Can she really alter my probation requirements or should I be "grandfathered" in as they weren't required before now. Basically my question is aren't there strict guidelines to be followed by probation on a deferred and can they be changed to match current ones later.
Deferred prosecution deals are really just that, deals, big time. It seems improper for them to switch it up on you...
DUI Deferred Prosecution over turned by Indeterminate Sentence Review Board. Double Jeopardy?
First, I appreciate what you're doing. This is a great tool, a much needed one, and your time is valuable. Thank you. If someone is on Community Custody, and they get a DUI, which causes 2 violations of their supervision, can they go deferred? An assessment was done, and found long term treatment was needed, it was a approved by the judge, bed date set. At the ISRB violation hearing, they decided revocation which means there is a violation of DP due to being in jail and missing bed date. Is pleading guilty forcible? Isn't their a right to follow through with the DP contract and stimulations?
As a practical matter, most sentencing courts will not impose sanctions that would render the entry of a DP on a...