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Can you be arrested at your home and given a DWI?
I was involved in a minor fender bender with no injuries the car I bumped had minor scratch and she waved that it was ok. I came home and had 3 drinks. After 30 -45 minutes a knock at my door proved to be police who said I was arrested for hit and run. Went to police station and officer ask if I had been drinking. I said yeah, what s wrong w that? The hit and run was cleared up but he gave me citation for DWI. He has on police report I was arrested however I was not fingerprinted, no mug shot. A friend picked me up after an hour. That s how long I spent at police station. I consented to breath test which reflected I had been drinking. Can they do that?
This is not unheard of, unfortunately. The most reliable way to fight it is to hire an attorney, who should file a...
Can I join another branch after failing a drug screen at meps
I recently went through meps and I quit smoking weed because I was serious about serving our nation. When I went through meps to be a marine I passed everything except for the drug screen because I still had a little thc in my system. I've vowed to never smoke again after that. I'm just wondering is if I get my degree can I become an officer in another branch
Great question for the marine Core to answer no way to know.
How do i get my daughter back from CPS in Louisiana.
I was arrested for possession of schedule 2 narcotics as soon as I got out of jail 2 Days Later I immediately went and checked myself into rehab I've been in Rehabilitation for substance abuse for 2 months passing a drug test and had a mental health evaluation and I go to court for a trial and a couple days I'm wanting to know any information that might be helpful.
As harsh as it may seem, you need to wait until the criminal matter is resolved before you worry about the CPS matter....
Can Louisiana dcfs take my children after second positive drug screen.
The police wanted me to rat and when I didn't they called call service the largest child services and said that there was a mess with her for now your friend and that I was arrested which is not true me and my wife both failed the first dipstick test the second test that was just realize we both passed the third test which was a dipstick just refilled again for methamphetamines and they came in and took the children
Yes they can best to consult with a family attorney asap for your options.
What happens if you had a DWI 5 years ago and pleaded article 894 and just got another DWI but refused all the test ?
I had my first DWI 5 years ago and pleaded article 894. I just got pulled over last night and was truthful with the officer about where I was going and where I had been. I also told him I had drank two beers. When ask to conduct FST I refused however he did so the pen test. Once arrested I also refused breath test. What's going to happen to me now ?
You refused the test; good. Then you admitted having two beers; bad. Results of eye nystagmus test unknown. You need...
Can I be fired if I refuse a drug test?
My company does testing from a generated list of 10 employees. If I am not on this list do I have to take the drug test? They were testing today and I was asked to be an alternate. I refused. Couldn't figure out why they would need me as an alternate when all the employees on the list were at work.
People are generally "at will" employees and can be terminated for any reason unless there is a specific law against it....
If I paid for someone to fly to me and they got caught with drugs in their luggage, can I be held liable in any way ?
I paid for an airline ticket for a person to fly from Nashville TN to New Orleans LA where I live. Said person got caught with drugs in their luggage at the Nashville airport. I knew nothing of the drugs. Can I be held liable in any way ? Am I in danger of losing my personal belongings , such as my house and/or vehicle , because I paid for their airfare? Can I be accused of any charges simply because I was affiliated with them because I paid for the airfare ?
Perhaps. You may be cast in the role as a principal to the other passenger's possession, esp since you paid for his...