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I need to find a law for the state of florida where I can sue a woman who got my husband drunk, slept with him and gave him std
he in return gave me the std, which turned into cervical cancer, also we have children and are on the verge of a divorce. we were a happy couple and she has destroyed my family and health
Your husband may have a cause of action if she knew she had an std and failed to disclose it to him and knowingly...
Can i be licensed in texas after FL dui conviction. I completed the courts sentencing. but the state part is still incomplete
planning to move to texas. i have no drivers license right now. state of florida revoked and suspended a year and a half ago.1st offense
Not sure what you mean by the "state part is still incomplete," but I can tell you that the various states communicate...
Can i get dui if I picked up a drunk passenger?
I'm not in that situation,it's that I'm curious because I don't find answers
DUI = Driving Under the Influence. Key word here is DRIVING.
I got a DUI. Can I smoke cigars?
I recently got a DUI. I haven't went to court or my classes yet. I am aware that they will drug and alcohol test me. But I was wondering if I could smoke cigars?
At last check, cigars are legal. I hope you plan on retaining an attorney to help you with the DUI
Can I get my license exspunged after two DUIs in FL
I'm moving back to NV and can get a license for ten years there also because of my FL records
I am relabeling your question as criminal defense, licensing relates more to obtaining business and professional...
Will i be able to obtain a Georgias drivers license after being convicylted of dui manslaughter with prior dui ofenses in Florid
Dui manslaughter served 7 years Prior dui offenses
Georgia and Florida are part of an interstate agreement that requires each to honor the other's revocations. Because...
Can I get charged for DUI?
I had a car accident and got the ticket for leaving the scene unattended. I did walk away but because of shock and bad advice. I walked back to the car though and then police was called by other people. No other cars, people or injuries involved. Additionally, on the ticket is written Driving under influence of Alcoholic beverages. Police didn't take any alcohol test. Can I still be charged for a DUI? I had some drinks and police asked if I had consumed alcohol. I said some drinks yes. Can it be used in the court against me?
It sounds like you were charged with dui. So, the question should not be can you get charged, but what you should do...