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Can I keep fight this?
I was out with some friends drinking, and as we were leaving the bar, a guy was throwing punches at random people. I tried to go out and calm him down, but he remained uncalm. I then went into the taxi with a friend while he opened the door and started punching. He punched me several times in the face and my friend. In defense I swung back while his girlfriend stuck her head in the cab screaming. I meant to swing at him but she got in the way and got hit. I agreed with the cops that it was a mistake and I didn't mean to. They don't know who the man was, but since I cooperated, I didn't go to jail. I was charged with a 5th degree assault. I didn't mean to hit anyone, but I had to to stop getting hit.
You really need to sit down with an experienced criminal defense attorney. There are many good ones here on AVVO....
Will the state of Minnesota allow me to transfer probation to Illinois? Its my first dwi, and I already accepted the job offer.
I had a dui in 2008 when I was 18. I blew a .015. I just got a dwi on 12/17/11. I got a lawyer to help me through it all, I'm just curious if the state would allow me to take this job. Technically, its my first dwi. I should be able to transfer my probation right?
Normally the question is not whether the judge in MN will allow it, it's whether the Illinois probation department will...
Will discrepancies in DWI reports help with plea bargain?
On 1/23/11 I was charged with a DWI. I received my police statements, supplemental reports, as well as other paper work today. -On the supplemental report, filed at 2:48a.m., it was stated "... as the wind blew past me I could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage." However, in the Minnesota State DWI Report, also filed at 2:49a.m., under wind conditions it is marked "N/A". -On the Minnesota State DWI Report under "Speech" it is marked as fair, however throughout the reports it states that I was slurring. -Under the MN State DWI Report "Coordination" section it is marked as swaying, however on more then one occasion in the reports it states "lost balance". -The Implied Consent Law Peace Officer's Certificate, the officer fill out #9, nor signed it until 3/10/11
Possibly, if used in combination with some legal issues that could result in a judge supressing evidence for a...
Can I be charged with dwi when I wasn't driving, but said I was.
Charged with dwi & test refusal. My boyfriend was driving, but I wasn't in the right state of mind & told them I was driving. I didn't refuse the test, i asked for a lawyer.
You can be charged if the prosecutor thinks there is probable cause that you committed a DWI and a test refusal. Your...
Is it still possible for me to be charged with dui?
I ran a red light and got pulled over. I failed the sobriety test, but passed the breathalyzer. They did a blood test and I'm pretty sure it's going to come up negative. There may be cannabis on the blood test.
Yes, it is very possible that you can be charged with DWI. It's likely that a charging decision won't cine until the...
In minnesota I recieved a dwi few years ago and got dropped to careless driving. However I was never informed about implied cons
Felony dwi in MN. unfair 4dwi's on civil record but only 3 on criminal.
It is theoretically possible to challenge that implied consent revocation now. The government would have to show that...
MN WI dwi
I would like to ask I was a resident of Wi for over a year, worked for company in WI, payed Taxes to state of WI, got dwi in WI but did not change my licance over from mn I can prove all of this so how according to dwi law jursdiction that it goes to the state you reside in and have done everything Wi has asked. I am valid in WI how can mn make me do more when to prove residency to get a licance you have to prove you live there I can prove I did not live there
Not sure I see a question here, but I vaguely see a question about where jurisdiction lies to file the dui/dwi....