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  • Regional Roundup

    Wednesday Jun 21 | via Herald Star Online 

    Because of inclement weather anticipated Friday, the Weirton location for Cool Kids Fun Day organized by First Choice America Community Federal Credit Union will be moved indoors to the gymnasium of the Millsop Community Center, according to Betty Welch, marketing coordinator.


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  • Auto thefts in central Ohio rise for second straight...

    Thursday Jun 8 | via The Columbus Dispatch 

    Thefts jumped 16 percent in 2016; the increase since the start of 2015 is 32 percent, according to a National Insurance Crime Bureau report released this morning. Thefts were up in all of Ohio's metropolitan areas except Toledo and the Steubenville-Weirton, West Virginia, area.


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Weirton Law

What do you do if ordered an IID x 16 months and you have not owned a vehicle to install it in and now its been 5 years?
Aggravated DUI with bodily injury and high BAC 1st offense in 2012 (WV). Did not own a car then but was ordered an IID x 16 months. That was almost 5 yrs. ago and still don't have a car, so have never been able to install the IID, can license ever get reinstated? All fines are paid, dui classes are completed, did required jail time.
There is an exception to the mandatory interlock and that is "incapable status" as in I don't own a vehicle and no one...
Will I be able to get a restricted licence in WV for a second offence DUI received in PA?
I was on pain management for a close to a year and decided to get off of them. I bought a dose of buprenorphine off the the street to wean off it. I was in the final stages of this when I got pulled over and I was taken in for a blood draw and charged with a third tier DUI because I had a measurable amount in my blood. I hired an incompetent lawyer who thought I would get ARD and really did nothing to negotiate my plea agreement or show that the officer didn't have a good reason to preform this blood draw. This is my second DUI, previous one was in 2008. I was offered house arrest and a 18 month driver's licence suspension. My question is if I have a west virginia licence can I apply for a restricted licence to drive to work and/or school or what not?
Best to hire a competent lawyer our guesses won't help and will be worse than the incompetent lawyers advice. Perhaps...
How long does a dui stay on your record?
The drivers license is in West Virginia but the arrest was in Ohio.
Generally, criminal records can always be retrieved unless they occurred when you were a minor because many private...
How do drug screenings work for dui classes?
I got a first offense dui in Fayette county, wv. Of course I'm required to go through the DUI classes. I am afraid I may test positive for THC should they screen me the first time. Is the first screen a "gimme" and then I must pass the rest? Are the tests at FMRS supervised? What if I have a prescription for medical?
The requirements will vary from court to court and depends on the jurisdiction. Typically, if you test positive on...
How soon after an accident does a urine test have to be adminstered in order to be valid for DUI?
I was recently involved in an accident where I was at fault and was transported to the hospital for injuries before the cops arrived. The nurse said that the cop said if I did not urinate that they would catheter me. Well they never catheter me and it took me 4 or 5 hours to pee. I had Xanax in my urine from a few days before. So my two questions are can I beat it if they charge me since they cannot prove I was under the influence while driving, and how long after the accident do they have to administer the urine test? Surely there's a limit for it to be admissable.
The investigating officer can and most likely will get a subpoena for your medical records. You were not under arrest...
How can I get my drivers license reinstated even if its just to be able to work
My license got suspended in 2008 for driving under the influence and then I got caught driving while suspended but now I have a wife and 3 children with disabilities and no way to work or get them to any appointment with there doctors I don't receive any income at all I need help
I just Googled "hardship licenses in WV" and came up with this firm's info. They are in Clarksburg but have an 800 or...
I was in a one car accident with my parents in the car we were all taken to hospital i had a syringe on me and tested positive
The officer didnt arrest me and told me to come to magistratres office on Monday this happened on a Saturday
I suggest you seek out a criminal defense attorney ASAP, and stop making admissions on social media such as this site.