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What happens usually with a noncompliance on a dui?
It's my first dui. I had a violation in Sept but it was first and forgiven. However in November I got another and just received a letter from my case manager about it going back to court. What should I do? Expect?
You should call your attorney or hire a good DUI attorney. They tend to wait until the 2nd interlock violation so...
What is the punishment for driving on a suspended license for multiple convictions of DUI? I've had three DUI's.
I was pulled over for a taillight and while the officer was running my name he found out that my license was suspended. He wrote me a ticket for the suspension and defective equipment. I'm allowed to petition the circuit court for a restricted license January 13, 2017 because that will be four years since my conviction for my DUI 3rd. But now that I got this ticket I'm not sure what to do. What are my punishments for the ticket? And should I petition the higher court before going to the lower court for the ticket?
You need an attorney. The penalties are harsh, including additional jail and suspension of license. It may be a good...
My license is suspended for a dui from 2009. I have no way to pay the fines. How can I reduce the price?
I have no way to work without a license. I don't drink alcohol anymore. I'm 27 years old now, I was 19 when this happened. I've struggled for 8 years.
First of all, I suggest you ask the DMV for a compliance summary to make sure the fine is the only thing standing in...
When does the courts notify DMV of my license suspension?
I was convicted of a DWI 3 months. I have checked DMV and it is still showing me licensed with no convictions whatsoever. My sister and cousin work in the courts and said they should have notified DMV immediately.....I also haven't heard anything from my insurance at all. I'm not sure what to do. thanks
It sounds like it may have been overlooked by the court, but don't let that lead you to temptation. It can be reported...
What benefits can a hired attorney do for me thats going to help me out better than a court appointed attorney?
Probation violation. I messed up and failed a drug test for a pain pill I took at work. The probation officer set me up with a heads up class starts at 4:00. Your supposed to be there at 3:45 to give a urine sample. I was unable to pee before the class started therefore she violated me and cancelled the classes. This is my 2nd violation, My first came because I was unable to pee the first few times i went in to see p.o. I am very bladder shy and now know this is a serious problem because I have never been in this kind of situation before. They issued me the "ok" to take blood tests instead of urine tests. I have been paying for out of my own pocket, and have passed every one but this last one. The day of the class though she would not let me go submit a blood test, only could pee, which I felt was unfair because she already knew of my condition of being bladder shy. Im hoping and praying I do not go to jail because I am the only income for my son. Will hiring an attorney help me out here?
Just as some court appointed attorneys are better at their job than others, so also some private retained attorneys are...
Can someone be subjected to a drug test at a preliminary hearing?
Someone has a preliminary hearing soon. They have been doing well on pretrial probation for the last six months. Is there any chance of getting "drug" tested at court?
Yes it is possible for someone to be drug/alcohol tested at a preliminary hearing. It usually happens when a deputy or...
I have a hearing for possession of marijuana how should I be getting ready l
I past three cops leaving a friends house and 2 mins down the road I got pulled over for illegal tint. It was a grinder with a small amount and old capsule with residue in the trunk. Plus old pecies throughout the car. I took ownership because I had a friend in the car. I'm looking for pointers and advice on what I should be doing. This is my first offense. I just would not like to have my license suspended or have it on my court. If I can avoid probation then that would be a plus.
The best thing you can do it stop making admissions on the internet and hire a criminal defense attorney. There may or...