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I have two misdemeaners as now one was giving to me before i got my residence the other dwi now my question is if i get another
can my papers be taken away? 3 misdemeanors make a felony?
It sounds like a immigration question. A second DWI alone can be a felony. I have handled many cases involving both...
Auo first DWI mistormeaner , Copout to the mistormeaner dwi with conditional discharge , How much time can I get ?
And five days before it was up I got pulled over doing a county year and waiting for them to body order me but the keep rescheduling the court date is it better that it not happening fast
The maximum on a misdemeanor dui is 1 year.
DMV Hearing for breathalyzer got adjourned for a second time. Is this a dismissal?
I got a DWI back in July 2014. At that time I had a hearing at the DMV to see if I would lose my license however due to a scheduling conflict by my lawyer he was unable to attend. The judge and officer agreed to adjourn it and was just about to have the rescheduled hearing in about a week. I got a letter today saying the hearing will be adjourned again but I was under the impression that it couldn't be adjourned twice and if it was that it would be fully dismissed. Is this true? Am I looking at another year to have another hearing at the DMV? Thanks for your response.
Because the law in each state can vary I can only give you an educated guess about New York. I believe that the matter...
Will an arrest for DWI in NYS with a court date for July 8th - prohibit my husband & I from Montreal, Quebec on July 2?
About three weeks ago we had a scary situation occur that landed me in the hospital. I had pulled over in a parking lot with chest pain and 911 was eventually called. The next thing I could remember was being taken to a hospital. The officers that arrived at the scene ended up arresting me and charging me with DWI once I was at the hospital - I was shocked, to say the least. I was never taken to a station, I was not fingerprinted and I had no mug shots - because I was in the hospital. My husband and I were married earlier this month and have a get-a-way planned for July 2 - July 6 in Montreal, Quebec. I am not scheduled to appear in court until July 8th. So, there is no conviction, etc. Are we doing to be turned away at the border? I have no idea how any of this works and am quite upset.
Possibly. Contact the Canadian Consulate to obtain permission before attempting to enter Canada.
Will I lose my DMV refusal hearing? I thought my DWI case was over!!
About a year ago I received a dwi and refused the breathalyzer. I went through the whole process and had my initial dmv hearing within the first 10 days of my arraignment. At that time my lawyer had a scheduling conflict and didn't show up to the hearing and so it was adjourned. I went through the whole process and ended up with a dwai plea deal that dropped the refusal charge. I paid thousands in fines, took weekly classes, and did 40 hours of community service, and had a 3 month license suspension. For the past six months I thought this was behind me Well today I got a letter in the mail from the dmv saying I have to come back for that refusal hearing. Can I really lose my license for a year when the charge was dropped? I'm very upset as my lawyer never said this was a possibility
What specifically did the letter say? I would recommend discussing the letter with your attorney, and asking him,...
I have an A.U.O 3rd from a DUI I paid all the fines (court, dmv, and the dui class) and the judge says I need a lawyer.
I have auo 3rd failure to change address with dmv no inspection and unlicensed operator. Then tried to find work and someone flagged a truck out of a driveway that front ended me and we called the police for the accident and I received another auo, unlicensed, and uninspected vehicle. And I'm wondering if I need a lawyer or can I just represent my self because I can't really afford a lawyer and fines.
Often the court and/or prosecutor will not deal directly with you. Also if you are looking for work you want to make...
I recently got pulled over and got a ticket for DWI this is my first time getting a ticket like this I go to court for it any s
No background history my record is clean
You haven't asked a question, asker. Consider hiring an attorney to help you through the process.