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Can you get a DUI almost 4 months after an accident?
My brother was in a very bad car accident. He was in ICU for a month and then he was in TBI therapy for a month, he has been home for about 1.5 months since the accident in September. On Christmas Eve the officer called and said he would be getting charged with a DUI because he had THC present in his system. He has told us he did not smoke that morning before the accident but did within the last couple of days. I have read that if it appears in his system even if he was not impaired he could still be charged. (which is the case but we can not wrap our head around the fact that this is almost 4 months later) How can they go from telling my mom over and over that there was nothing in his system to now this?
Your brother should speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney ASAP for possible representation if in fact he...
How much should it cost for a good dwi attorney
Got a charge of dwi for falling asleep at wheel while on medication prescribed.no alchohol involved
Fees vary from attorney to attorney and based on where your case is pending. Where was your arrest?
What can happen to our auto insurance and is spouse exclusion possible in the case of DWI charge?
My husband was charged of DWAI last year, but our auto insurance company doesn't seem to know it. Our premium didn't change much, and we renewed our car insurance last summer. And recently my husband was charged of DWI and has not been convicted yet. Now another renewal is coming up, but our premium is still inexpensive. Are we supposed to let the insurance company know of DWAI and recent DWI charge? My friends told me last summer that we didn't have to worry about it because the company will check our driving records regularly, but I feel like our insurer does not check so regularly and I'm starting to worry about long-run effect. Also can I exclude my husband from the insurance before he loses his license? The auto insurance renewal is before the first appearing of the court and he still has his license. I know that our insurer does not let us exclude a spouse just because we want a cheaper premium, we've tried that in the past, but can their answer be different if my husband is not going to have a driver's license for a while? I appreciate your answers! Thank you.
It's a rare insurance company that doesn't check for blemishes that you've noted. If it doesn't, shame on it. You are...
If you on probation and you give them bad urine will you go to jail
Been on probation for 3 years and just now getting drug tested
Your Probation Officer could do several things: 1) violate you and report you to the Judge; 2) put you into drug...
I have a lawyer and was charged with a DWI for my second time. Can i be dropped as it's been now 14 months?
I received notice to go to court January 10th, and received another notification a week ago saying I had to go to court today. My lawyer contacted the county court, and said he had to go to court tonight for a different case. The were going to try this as a felony, but it's been one year now, since they said they were going to do that. My lawyer never received anything in the mail stating it was going to the grand jury either. My lawyer thinks I can drop this, as it's been past 6 months, but will they issue a warrant for my arrest for not going to court? I talked to my lawyer and he said he was not sure why they would, and he said he'll contact the court tomorrow. He even faxed over documentation that he has a court case today. Also, my lawyer was unsure why it's going back to county court, as it was originally charged as a felony by the DA. He has also tried to contact the DA to no avail. Any answers would be appreciated.
There could be a valid reason this has dragged on, but I would not be able to figure that out from the info provided.
What does VioLck04day mean?
I believe I made my machine mess up and I got this message on my device
It looks like what you need is an IT specialist. This does not appear to be a legal issue.
I am looking for opinions on my 2nd DWI offense within 5 years
My first offense was a DWAI drugs when I was under 21. I recently got my 2nd DWI and blew a .15. I spent the night in jail and had to get bailed out for 2500$. I HAVE A LAWYER. I just want some other opinions on my case. I have no other prior convictions on my record besides the DWAI drugs. No accidents. I have a great job and a baby on the way. I have completely turned my life around ever since that night. Of course I am scared to go to jail I'm just curious what other people think. Thanks.
Please clarify your question. Are you asking about the odds that you will end up in jail? You have a lawyer, but you...