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On 12/23/13, a drunk driver pulled in front of me & caused me to hit his vehicle. Once our vehicles stopped, he actually tried to pull away from the scene about 3x, but our cars were locked together and he couldn't. After police arrived, they discovered he had been tossing liquor bottles out of the window and they gave him some tests and arrested him. I visited doctor about an hour later. No broken bones were found. His ins company classified my car as totaled and gave me a figure for the value. I am still extremely sore and it is getting worse in my lower back and neck. It doesn't keep me from moving, but limits me greatly and hurts. I am having trouble locating a vehicle matching mine for a replacement with the figure they gave me. Can I ask for more on the car value from the ins. comp.?
Do not do anything until you consult with an experienced local personal injury attorney who can guide you properly.
Its my 2 DUI conviction, and no other convictions. Will I go to jail?
Im not sure I understand. I think you are saying that you are on probation, you got new misdemeanor charges so your...
I was convicted of a DUI in October of 2011 in North Carolina. I was informed that my BAC could not exceed 0.04 following the conviction, but do not remember how long the restriction stays in effect. Also, if it is violated does that count as a DUI or simply a violation of the restriction?
Based on the NC Department of Transportation it is for 3 years. But you should contact your former lawyer, court, and/...
It has been continued since last January (2014)
You should have an attorney, and yes, the earlier you get the assessment the better. As for how long it can be...
would those same charges follow me to the state I live in? After I refused a breathalizer test I was taken to a hospital for blood work that I did not consent to. I am bi-polar and have been living in a homeless shelter. I have no insurance and could not afford the anti-buse I had been taking.
There could be an outstanding arrest warrant(s) related to your cases and your driver's license is surely suspended--if...
I am bi-polar and have had a lot of devastating life-changing events in the past 2 years. I have been in and out of hospitals for my illness. Also would this have any bearing on my case.
If you had a NC driver's license and apply for a new license in another State, that State will contact NC for a clearance.
For fines
Greetings to you in Enka-Candler. Got any snow? It appears the avvo site cut off the tail end of your question....