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Questions about reinstatement for loss of license
I got into an accident while drinking and got felony convictions of involuntary manslaughter, it happened in 2008 and they took my license from sept 08 to sept 09 and was eligible to get it back after that year but I didn't, so once convicted in 11' they took it for 5 years, i spent 4 years in prison and just got out. They are trying to say that the year they took it from me doesn't count towards the 5 years suspension bc I hadn't been convicted yet. Can I petition a court for hardship or work pass? I dnt know how any of this works. 9
You are ineligible for a LDP because of your felony involving a motor vehicle. You may be able to file a PFR to...
I live in missouri. i have had dwi conv. in1987,1992,1996,2010[chronic dwi that was reduced 2 misdA. just got dwi june 2011[chro
ic].what charge will i receive ? do u have an idea of what i am looking at? And does missouri look back only 5 years on priors?
The applicable statute on this subject can be found under S 577.023 of the Missouri Revised Statutes. This subject...
If my license is suspended in kansas, but has not shown up on my record, can i get my drivers license in missouri?
Missouri will check to see if your license is suspended in any other state before issuing you a license. If Missouri...
Coming up on the end of my 5 Year license suspension for DWI. In Missouri I have seen that you need to file a petition?
Do I need to file a petition against the State in order to be able to get my license back or is it "time served"?
You have to file a action in court. It is not automatic. You need an attorney as well.
What happens when A first alcohol offense charged with fail to drive within a single lane, 2nd dwi and she just received a third
What will happen if she goes to prison with custody of her child
You are asking about two separate matters here. I trust you understand this person needs an attorney to represent her...
I got a DUI 8 years ago, do i still put it on job applications?
I got a DUI in Arkansas in 2007 and convicted in 2008. I need to know if I should put that down on a job application.
Unless there is a reason that it would be a closed record it will still appear on any criminal history ran as well as...
Should I get a lawyer for my charge of driving with a revoked license?
I was arrested for driving with a revoked license. This is my first offense for driving with a revoked license. However, my license was revoked for a DWI and possession of a small amount of marijuana (under a gram), both of which I was convicted of in August of last year in Callaway County. I've done a little research, and I've found that jail time seems to be a likely outcome. So I am curious as to whether I should seek legal representation, since serving any amount of time would lead to me losing my job and make an already difficult family financial situation much worse.
I am not licensed in Missouri, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed in Missouri who respond to your...