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My dui charges were dismissed in November, how long after can the case be reopened
DUI was in April 2013
Generally the statute of limitations for this offense is 2 years from the date is is alleged to have occured. However,...
Can you get arrested for DUI in a private gated community, with no public roads,in PA.
Driving home went into a ditch.
If the police cannot show that you were driving on a public roadway, and you were otherwise on a private street, to...
Do you get drug tested after a dui hearing? Meds Ifound in system were ativan and klono pin.
Dui court date is Dec I 4 at 400pm. ATIVAN and klono pin was found in my system. Will they do a drug test that day?
It depends on what the Judge Orders and the policy of Adult Probation. It is possible you will have to submit to a drug...
How much will ARD cost and what are the fines usually assessed?
Charged with DUI for driving on perscribed medication after a small accident. My lawyer is making me go ARD. Was wondering if I can make payments and how much it will be
It is worth repeating twice; your lawyer cannot make you "go ARD".
How much is the ARD program and what are the usual fines assessed?
I'm being charged with DUI for driving on my perscribed medications. My lawyer is making me go ARD and want you know what all the fee will be.
You should get a full breakdown of costs from your lawyer. Nobody can make you go through ARD. Did you think about...
What if I don't have all the money for ARD up front?
This is my first offence ever. I have never been in trouble and was driving to the hospital. Got into am accident and because ativan was in my system (perscribed) I was slapped with a DUI. I paid my lawyer his fee but what if I don't have all the money for ARD up front? Also if I am disabled will I still have to do community service? How much does it cost for the ARD program?
Usually ARD fees do not have to be paid up front, however, this is not true if there is restitution due after an...
Was a passenger in the car my girl was driving they tested my girl she passed they them tried to give me a breathalyzer I refuse
I was a passenger at a campsite the officer tested my girl then tested me I refused he then choked me for refusing meanwhile I was in cuffs
I sense there are a good deal of facts missing from your description. What is also missing is a question. Since Im...