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What can be done about some being killed in a drunk accident. By 16 year
My granddaughter was killed by a 16 year girl they took her family to court the judge only sentence her to like 60 days and told her if she had been 18 she would go to prison that's all they did was my daughters only child
Your granddaughter's estate could sue the other driver for Wrongful death. Speak with a civil attorney about a...
Can adrenalin make my blood alcohol level rise?
I refused to do a breath test and I made the officer mad to where he ended up dragging me to the Hospital flipped me on my stomach and kneed me in the back of my head for the lady to draw my blood. I have anxiety ptsd and bipolar and I immediately panicked and freaked out from having him kneeling on my head pushing my face in between the wall and bed. So was wondering if that could of made my blood alcohol level high? Thank you in advance
No, stress is known to speed metabolism of alcohol, but not fast enough to influence blood drawn during the stress....
Idaho arrest for DUI
Do I have a choice of taking breathalyzer or blood test?
The officer can choose which test will be performed. After that, the driver can refuse to participate, although that...
Will the judge still suspend my licence for a second dui even after I got it back after 90 days?
I got a second dui in idaho and am awaiting sentencing but paid my reinstatement fee not even thinking I would get my licence back and I did . My attorney says I'm still going to loose it for a year because in idaho it's a mandatory year and there is no way around it. Should we even tell the court that I got my licence back? Am I risking losing it for an additional 9 months or a year flat?
The 90 day suspension is the administrative suspension imposed for failing the blood or breath test. (Second failure...
When does the 15 minute observation time begin?
After I was arrested for DUI I was given a breathalyzer test. Before the test I was given the implied consent advisory then told I had to wait for 15 minutes to take the test. Does the observation time include the time it takes to read the implied consent advisory or does the 15 minutes start after being informed of the implied consent?
The fifteen minutes is measured as the time immediately before the test. It really doesn't matter whether you are...
Is the time stamp on a breathalyzer important?
I took a breathalyzer test and the time stamp on the printout was not correct. The officer signed a statement that it was true and correct under penalty of perjury. He also logged in the same time in his log and his report. He either didn't know the time was off or falsified the time. Basically he wrote the time of the test as the time on the printout on all of his reports. He listed the time of arrest incorrect also. The standard operating procedures state that the operator is responsible for maintaining the breathalyzer including setting the time and date .
Maybe, maybe not. Analysis of a DUI requires that you look at ALL the evidence the state has in its possession. There...
What is considered heresy and how can you get evidence admitted in to court?
I was charged with DUI. My breath samples were .173 and five minutes later.154 . There is a difference of.019% in five minutes with my sample decreasing. I learned from reading several articles on the internet that the body metabolizes.016% alcohol per hour. I feel that this information would prove that the breathalyzer wasn't functioning properly. The articles referenced a pharmaceutical book as to how they provided the.016% per hour. Can I get that same book and provide it as evidence? I was told that anything printed off the internet was considered heresy. My doctor also tested me for hyperglycemia and said that I have tested in the range that would be considered hyperglycemia. He wrote this on a prescription page. Is what he wrote admissable evidence or heresy? Thanks for any help
Heresy is a belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (especially Christian) doctrine. Hearsay is an out of...