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Will DWI mistrial most likely be retried?
DWI Superior Court Mistrail question. My case is still pending in Disctrict Court but if I'm found guilty and appeal for a Superior Court trial, what happens if there's a hung jury and a mistrial is declared? It is likely the DA would re-try the case? I'm just weighing my options due to the legal costs. Also, do a lot of DWI cases end up with a hung jury?
Asker, many cases in general end in a hung jury... it's difficult to get 12 people to decide on something and there's...
My son got a underage drinking charge in union county he was 17 told to ask for prayer for judgment , this would go away?
not driving, first charge. Can a prayer for judgment be used for this and will that mean nothing on his record in the future. going to college in august out of town. I am unsure what kind of charge this is, (criminal misdemeanor) what type of fines court cost etc are usually associated with this charge?
It's not a matter of using a prayer for judgment it's a matter of whether the court will grant one. Even if the court...
How can I get the form for my license sent to the DMV w/o taking extra substance abuse classes due to facility closing?
In 2012 I got my first and last DUI. I was court ordered to have an assessment and take substance abuse classes. I had the assessment, took the classes but due to me not having a job at the time, I couldn't afford to pay for the classes. Even though I finished the classes, I couldn't get my form sent to the DMV to get my license until I pay for the class. Now that I finally got a stable job and ready to pay for the class, I've learned that the facility has recently closed! So now im stuck between a rock and a hard place! And on the date I had Court, I showed proof to the lawyer and judge that I took the assessment and classes but they wasn't paid off at the time. So in short, by me not having a way to pay for the classes at the facility I took them at(which is now closed)...Is there another way I can get the forms sent off without taking extra classes over again??
There might be a company which took over the records. Contact the attorney who handled this matter for some help....
Is dwi da same thing as dwlr
Is a dwi n dwlr da same thing
DWI is driving while impaired. DWLR is driving while license revoked. They are not the same thing.
Can they prove I was under the influence of prescribed klonapin?
In march 2015 I was in an accident and tested positive for benzodiazepine which was prescribed. I had not taken it for hours before the accident. I saw something in the road and swerved to miss it but the shoulder pulled me down and I hit a speed limit sign. 19 months later, is there anyway I can fight this DUI? I do have a court appointed atty because I can not afford one but she never returns my calls.
Yes, you can be convicted. If the Judge finds you were appreciably impaired, you'll be convicted, with or without a...
I had a fail on my interlock device a year ago can I have family members speak on my behalf even though there not a witness
my interlock device said I blew a .07 on running test twenty minutes later I blew a .oo I was not drinking or had not been drinking night before I was drinking a energy drink that's only thing I can think of for the fail
You should consult with a lawyer. Going to dmv alone is not a good move. Those hearings can and hearing officers are...
If you have access to 2 vehicles what prevents you from installing interlock on one car while using the other car?
If you have to have an interlock device on your car for a period of time could you not install the device on one vehicle yet use another vehicle for your daily needs? I have heard those things cause engines to stop while you are driving down the highway, doesn't sound very safe to me.
You certainly could do that in order to get the time to start running on the interlock restriction but if you are...