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Arrested for ridiculous false report allegation, class D felony
I was arrested on creating a false report for calling in a possible dui. 1 week later the police arrested me threatening to call DHS to pick up my child if someone did not come get her since I had to leave with the police. I have a clean record, no speeding tickets or anything and I am 29 years old. My bond was set at $7500, so I had to pay $800 to get out of jail plus a $1500 retainer fee for my attorney. This was only filed on me out of spite from my ex in laws and the officer that supposedly checked out the possible dui was the man's best friend. Everything was dismissed in court and charges were nolle, is there anything I can do to get my money back. I called in a possible dui and wanted it checked out because I knew he would have my child that night and was clearly concerned.
I would first contact the attorney who represented you as s/he is the person who is most familiar with your case.
If i hire a lawyer an I am.paying them as long as u have not been in front of judge yet for my dui can they drop me?
Got a dui, I am paying the lawyer but have not paid him off yet an don't go to court again until the 24th of August an he said he will drop me if I don't have him paid off at the end of June. I have already paid 1100.00.
While many criminal defense lawyers allow for "payment plans," it is not unusual for them to insist on total payment up...
Can I get this Dui dismissed?
On a Friday night I allowed a friend to drive me home who told me he had a valid driver license. I had been drinking and turned over my keys to him. Well he went got my car and picked me up and on the way home a state trooper pulled us over. Next thing I know they asked me to step out of my car, put me in hand cuffs and said I was being arrested for consenting to allow a person to drive my car who has suspended license and they gave him a 2nd offense dui. I didn't know his license was suspended and I thought that I was doing the right thing by not driving with drinking. The police officers charged me with DUI no BREATHLYZER nor Blood test was given to me. No test was given to me. I wanted to know if I can get this dismissed considering I thought I was doing the right thing and not drinking and driving. He lied to me saying he had license and sober.... Can I get this DUI dismissed?
You are unlikely to get it dismissed if you represent yourself. Also, if you are your own lawyer the things you say to...
Can I somehow be able to use pretrial diversion since DUI and DWI are mostly interchangeable words?
I was recently arrested for DUI in Tennessee, and I am 18. This is my first offense, and was going to use Pretrial Diversion since this is my first offense ever, but TN law states pretrial diversion can not be offered for DUIs, but can for DWIs. I did let them take my blood, but was never breathalyzed, so I don't know what my BAC was at the time. My arraignment is tomorrow.
No - they are not interchangeable. In Tennessee, there is no DWI for adults. DWI applies to minors only. And don't...
3rd DUI, 1st DUI was 12 years ago and the 2nd was 8 years ago...
My name is Jessica. My fiancé was arrested about 4 months ago for his 3rd DUI. He also got charged with the implied consent law also from refusing to do the blood alcohol test which I guess somehow they still obtained his blood while in booking, not sure how that goes new to this...So I bonded him out... Anyway his first DUI was 12 years ago he did the 48 hours, then 8 years ago he had his second DUI which he also only did the 48 hours that time as well rather than the normal 2nd offense 45 days to serve (from what I read)... So he goes to court for his 2nd appearance next week and I'm nervous, whereas he is the person who works and pays all the bills, I was in school but I went ahead and withdrew last week and am looking for work trying to prepare, but as bad as it sounds financially I can't afford for him to go to jail... For a lengthy period of time especially... We have 3 kids and only childcare is mon-fri daytime hours so that's scary... Do you think the lawyer could see about the DA or judge considering at least less jail time considering its been longer lenghths of time since his 1st&2nd DUI's ?? He will be going to court in Davidson county..
There are many many ways a good DUI lawyer can help him. Do not just settle for less. Call and interview several...
What if I'm 6 months behind on court fees and I haven't been able to complete my community service in time?
I plead guilty to a dui case back on December, and they gave me three days of community service, dui school, and monthly payments. Shortly after I lost my job, my house due to no income, and my phone, providing no contact, and I haven't been able to make any kinds of payments, norBcontact anyone. I have a clean record other than this. I just recently got a job, under stuff circumstances it's too late for my deadline. I can not afford to go back to jail. Do you think the judge would be reasonable and give me a few more months? I've been working for three weeks and have enough to pay forward and catch up a couple months. I just can not afford to be without income again, which is what jail would do. Help!!!!
First, file a motion to waive court costs based upon indigence (the clerk's office should have a form). Second, get...
Where can I locate a Davidson County TN court appointed Community Service Document?
Daughter age 20 sited for underage drinking this month. Will be 21 June 15. Working in Kodiak Alaska and cant make June 6th court date without having to fly home. She is scheduled to do 8 hours of Community Service with the Kodiak Food Bank and Salvation Army. Each service provider is asking for documents to complete for confirmation of service.
Tell each community service to write a short letter explaining the number of hours she performed and make sure a...