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What should I do? I missed my court date on a DWI.
I missed my court date on a DWI and was scared. This was 3 years ago. I have not been driving and live far away from where I was charged. I want to turn myself in and take care of this. This is my 4th dwi with a decade in between. I've been told it's a misdemeanor. Do you know how long I'd spend in jail and if I'd ever be able to get my license back. Thank you
You should first retain an experienced Missouri criminal defense lawyer to represent you before you do anything along...
How can I reduce my third dui?
My first dui's were reduced and happened over 10 years ago
Sorry, we are going to need more facts to provide you will a quality answer. However, you shouldn't really give them...
How do I go about obtaining an order for reinstatement after a 5 year driving revocation due to 2nd DWI?
I have completed SATOP and the DMV says that I must now petition the court in the county of my last DWI, but I am unable to afford an attorney. I would like to represent myself and file the petition, but I have not been able to find the correct form that I need to file with the court.
Speak with someone in the County of your last DUI.
How long does law enforcement have to issue a dui?
My nephew wrecked his car while driving under the influence. While he was walking down the road an officer showed up and an ambulance was called. He was not arrested and no officer accompanied him. It has now been 7 months and a police officer just called him and told him he would be getting a summons in the mail for this incident. The hospital release paperwork did not show bac in the blood work, but showed every other thing that can be tested with blood. Is it legal for the police to bring charges?
Generally the prosecutor has 1 year to file a misdemeanor DWI or 3 years for a felony.
Friend has a felony driving w/out a license & his family paid bondsman $100 to get him out & judge wont appoint him pd?
he really is indegent & cant afford attorney. judge gave him a month 2 get a job & he did but still doesnt make enough to afford attorney & still by mo state law is indegent.
There are a number of factors that the office of the Public Defender and the Court look at to determine eligibility for...
time limit a prosecutor has to charge someone with a crime before they cant charge them on dist cont sub sec 2 class b felony?
In 3 of 2016 i was involved in a drug buy where Ci came to my house in truck driven by under cover cop when they arived the cop gave Ci 100 bill to purchase drugs from me its then said that Ci got out of truck came to my door then went back to truck told cop that i would be out in a min then says i arived to the truck short time later with narcotics, I then handed Ci a bag which was then given to cop driving truck goes to say that cop later on sent bag to state lab for weight and to test it says bag came back weighing .64 and tested positive for methamphetamines didnt have knowledge of investigation or drug sting till i got checked for warrents on 06/02/2017
Three years. See the statute here: http://revisor.mo.gov/main/OneSection.aspx?section=556.036&bid=29042 Also, be...
Is it possible that freon 407c,410a, 134a can give a false ua showing alcohol usage. i also work with industial cleaners?
aUA show a positive use of alcohol and now DWI court wants to revolt me
I'm assuming that you're looking for an excuse to dropping a dirty UA. If freon caused the false positive, then you...