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Does anyone know if cps watches you take a drug test?
There was allegations made of drug use around my kids. Marijuana to be exact. I know I won't pass. I told them I would take it cause I didnt want them to get a court order. I'm so nervous, I've never been high around my kids or have used in front of them.
You need to retain counsel & get your act together. If you take the test & fail - which it sounds like you will - then...
Can you get caugt for a Dui on a military base then they lose you paper work and allow you your privileges again then take it aw
Can you be arrested for dui on a military base then to have all dropped then reinstated five days later
Your question does not have sufficient facts to give you any sort of response. You may want to add more information.
Can the police take statements when a person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
I was in a domestic incident with NY husband Friday and we both had been drinking. Now that I am sober some of the things I said in my statement did not actually happen and I would like to change my statement but I do not want to get in trouble. They should not have taken my statement in the first place knowing I was under the influence.
Or, perhaps maybe, just maybe, you should not have lied to the police in the first place. That you were intoxicated is...
Will I have to go back to court for waking up after a night of drinking and blowing a positive in an IID device
I have one DWI, no other issues. Conditional Discharge. I have done everything else the court has asked. I never blew a positive before, and this was a genuine mistake not realizing I would still blow positive. What can I expect?
It is possible that you may need go back to court for a violation of the conditional discharge. You may receive a...
How do I get my license back after a DUI and some driving on suspended in California?
I had a DUI in 2009 conviction date and then also a couple of driving on a suspended. I missed two court dates in two different counties which was due to moving to southern california and could not afford to go and it has since been about two to three years since the court date. I was told by DMV I needed to contact the counties but how do I attend court when I now live in NY and can't afford a flight and they lost the paperwork for my DUI classes with no way to get copies so now they may need to be redone? In dire need to get my license back.
You hire a lawyer in southern California to help you.
AUO 2ND + Driving Without Ignition Interlock New York State Question License suspended for non-payment of DRA
10/12 I was issued 3 tickets -speeding 84/65, auo 2nd, and driving without a ignition interlock. The state trooper released me after talking to my p.o. on prob for dwi. My license was clear except a non payment of a DRA. When I reported into probation I was arrested and could not finish hiring a attorney for the 3 prior tickets. I used a public defender for the probation violation and was sentenced to 9 mo's. 05/13 the dmv told me that town court just re-suspended my license for those 3 tickets (now 6-mo old) I went to court and spoke to the da and w/o a lawyer he offered drop the ignition but do 7 days jail on the auo2nd. Im not sure if I can afford a lawyer and applied for a public defender. What are the chances this will get dropped to auo3rd? Court date is july and i dont want jai
Distilling your facts, you wish simply to know if the court and DA will agree to a reduced charge of AUO3d to cover...
How long does a court have to collect for a fine before the statute of limitations expires?
in or about 1990s i sent all my court fines ( 2 Di's from Massenet town court and child support ) to judgment so i could get my license back . As of t last summer Massenet town court is trying to collect on one of the Di's and I don't think I should be paying this for the fact it was sent to judgment and the judgment was satisfied
This is really a civil question but the short answer is as long as they want. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq....