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Can a cop charge you with an OUI if you were in a parking lot?
I was at a McDonald's parking lot and the cops came to my car and accused me of speeding away from a bank when I didn't and said that I needed to take a Breathalyzer. After about 5 Breathalyzers that were all below the limit, the 6th one read that it was 1 point over. They arrested me and at the jail they were calling me clowns and saying I was gonna die. I wasn't even driving when they stopped me. How long will my license be suspended for and should I hire a lawyer to defend myself?
You should hire an attorney. During your arraignment, if you are not accompanied with an attorney and if you qualify...
DUI/DWI in MA does it show in a cori and/or background check
In 2005 I plead no contest to a DUI/DWI charge. I want to be a nurse in a few years and was wondering if the DUI/DWI will show up on a CORI and/or criminal background check. I was told by the lawyer i had that it would go away after 5 years , and would only be brought back if i got another DUI/DWI. does anyone know the correct answer ??
You were arraigned on the OUI charge and that means that it will appear on your CORI, regardless of the way the case...
I want 2 get my CA drivers license but have 2 warrants in MA. One in Worcester & one in Waltham.
I need a lawyer in MA 2 go 1 court on my behalf 2 clear 2 warrants so I can get my CA drivers license. Please help!
A lawyer should be able to help you. We are not allowed (per the rules of AVVO) to solicit you directly but I can tell...
So I just turned 18 and I had open cases for driving without a license what is the chances of me getting locked up now?
When I was 17 I purchased cars and attached plates instead of registration since I had no license .
Many times these get dismissed with proof that you obtained your license. You stated that you have "cases." The court...
How do I resolve bench warrant?
Last May I got pulled over for looking at my cell phone while waiting at a light. When police ran my plates they discovered my car was uninsured and therefore my registration had been revoked.(without my knowledge). My car was towed and I was given ticket. I had recently switched insurance companies and there was a mix up over timing of new policy etc.... Easy solution to fix. Recently after getting ticket I had a family emergency and moved back to CT. I was there for several months helping out and forgot about ticket. Recently found out there is warrant out for not showing up to court (I did not receive summons). I want to clear it up right away but am scared about going to jail. I'm also planning on leaving country in next few weeks on as a volunteer for an organization with my school. I need to get it cleared before leaving asci don't want any problems at airport. Can I show up at court, pay fines and get warrant resolved? Do I need to go with a lawyer??
Your best bet is to retain a criminal law attorney tomorrow. That's not a lot of time.
After my probation is over, will it show on background check?
I was pulled over for marked lane violation. I volunteered for sobriety test, which I marginally failed. Then I was arrested by state police and taken to police station. There I took breathalyzer test and results were 0.13. This was my first time being charged with anything. I am debating if I should go to trial or take a plea. If as a first offender I take the plea (24D program) what impact will that have.
It depends what you mean by background check. Even if you are acquitted, the entry 'admin per se" will always appear on...
Can I get this DUI off of my driving record? Expunged? How can I get this driving job?
I received a DUI about 6 years ago. Due to me being young and nervous I did the breathalyzer at the station. This resulted in my lawyer getting me a continuance without a finding. I did everything that I needed complete in a timely fashion, since then I have not been in trouble for anything (or before that). Literally just this DUI. Recently I came across a driving job that I wanted and needed. Then the DUI popped its head up since its on my driving record.
It will never come off your driving record.