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Will I get a DUI?
On Saturday night I had been driving home and fell asleep on the wheel and crashed into a tree. My car was totaled the police and ambulance came and had asked me what happened I told them I had worked a double shift and was tired and ended up falling asleep on the wheel. I had consumed alcohol but when they asked me if I had I said no and they seemed to have believed me. I was not asked to perform a breathalyzer or any sobriety test but was taken to the hospital on a stretcher and at the hospital they did a regular routine blood test. They said nothing about my blood test but on my hospital report it said right foot fracture, alcohol intoxication. The doctors also did not say anything to me about my BAC. I have received a citation in the mail for staying outside of marked lane and speeding but nothing for a DUI. I am wondering will the hospital give my blood test to the police and notify them I was drunk? It's been a week and I still haven't heard anything and am just a little nervous.
If the police went ahead and issued you a citation for the speeding and the marked lane violation then in it is...
I lost my license to operate a vehicle in massachusetts in 2005. Repeat offense under Melanie's Law. Did not take breathalizer.
Lost for 5 years for no breathalizer and 8 year for multiple offense. So i satisfied the 5 and I'm 2 1/2 in to the 8. What are my chances of reinstatement? What is the estimated cost?
Given the length of the suspension it appears that you had a 3rd offense OUI. If this is the case you can apply for a...
Can a cop charge you with an OUI if you were in a parking lot?
I was at a McDonald's parking lot and the cops came to my car and accused me of speeding away from a bank when I didn't and said that I needed to take a Breathalyzer. After about 5 Breathalyzers that were all below the limit, the 6th one read that it was 1 point over. They arrested me and at the jail they were calling me clowns and saying I was gonna die. I wasn't even driving when they stopped me. How long will my license be suspended for and should I hire a lawyer to defend myself?
You should hire an attorney. During your arraignment, if you are not accompanied with an attorney and if you qualify...
DUI/DWI in MA does it show in a cori and/or background check
In 2005 I plead no contest to a DUI/DWI charge. I want to be a nurse in a few years and was wondering if the DUI/DWI will show up on a CORI and/or criminal background check. I was told by the lawyer i had that it would go away after 5 years , and would only be brought back if i got another DUI/DWI. does anyone know the correct answer ??
You were arraigned on the OUI charge and that means that it will appear on your CORI, regardless of the way the case...
Should I pursue a lawsuit against a 22 year old female that hit my car while drunk driving and uninsured?
9/26/15 - 22 yr old female hits my car while parked in my drive way. She fled the scene and hit 5 other cars close by. Got the police report on 9/28/2015 and the notes showed she was driving intoxicated and hit 5 cars and 1 of those cars hit another. So in total 7 cars were damaged. I missed two days of work, my husband missed 5 days due to this accident. I was charged late fees for child care as we didn't have money to pay for it because my husband missed work. She was uninsured so her company could not provide a rental car & I spent a total of 3 weeks with no car. Now my 2015 Nissan Altima is repaired, but it no longer has the value as it should have at this point. It's also a lease, so if I get it evaluated by the dealer & something is wrong, it's going to come out of my pocket.
If you believe she has some money or assets you could get, then it may be worth it, but suing poor people is generally...
Can I file a motion to terminate my DUI probation on my own? OR do I need a representative?
I want to file a motion with the court to terminate my probation, my lawyer who did not win the case is asking for more money which I cannot afford, can I file such motion myself?
Terminating your probation early? Once the "end date" is reached the probation terminates by operation of the terms of...
In 2003 I had my drivers license suspended for 10 years for motor vehicle homicide, while driving drunk and negligently.
I tried to get my drivers license back in 2012 and had a hearing at the Board of Appeals. The BOA upheld the RMV's decision to keep my license suspension in effect. Are there any other avenues for me to take to try to get my drivers license suspension rescinded? I need to drive to support my family. I have been without my drivers license since 2003. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Why isn't your suspension over now? I am missing something because the ten years should have expired two years ago. I...