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Ive been arrested with DUI but it's was dismissed due to 6 months program.Does it affect a visit visa to the us ?
When I was a student in the states I was arrested with DUI BAC 0.1 . The case was dismissed because I did a 6 month program. I'm now applying for a visit visa to the states , will it affect the tourists visa ?
It could be an issue. It will depend upon what you were originally charged with and whether you were required to admit...
Wash out law for DUI in Nebraska
I got a DUI a few days ago. I read about a wash out law that a conviction goes away after 15 years. This law according to the website I read says it was put into law in 2012 my last DUI was in 2004. Does this make me exempt from any prior DUI's?
The "lookback" period in Nebraska is currently 15 years. What that means is that convictions for DUI or Refusal that...
How can I get out a a DUI when I wasn't driving
I got a DUI while passed out in my truck. I wasn't driving I was sleeping. The keys were in the ignition and the vehicle running. Can I make a case and try and get out of it?
You need to consult with Nebraska DUI counsel. There is no way we can answer that question without seeing the police...
I have to have an Nebraska Ignition Interlock Drivers Licences for the 10 years. I am wanting to move out of state...
I have to have an Nebraska Ignition Interlock Drivers Licences for the 10 years. I am wanting to move to AZ or CO for better job potential. What do I need to do to transfer my interlock license to a new state? So I can have a licence with that state. I am not on any other restrictions, I am not on probation or anything of that sort either. I just have to keep the Ignition Interlock Drivers Licences for the next 10 years if I want to be able to drive.
I don't know if an attorney is going to be able to answer this for you, speak with the dmv in the state you want to move to.
Is deferred adjudication a possibility in Douglas county?
I was arrested last week for a 1st offense DUI in Douglas county with a BAC of .136. I have no priors and am hoping to receive probation (along with fines, AA, license suspension, etc.). My question is this: Should I expect that probation to be a strait probation or is there a possibility of deferred adjudication? I know Douglas does not allow diversion, I'm just not sure if deferred adjudication falls under that umbrella.
Short answer is NO. Can't get a deferred adjudication since you would have to be juvenile. Adjudication is the same...
Can i get credit for the 2 yrs fro time of arrest {2001) until covicted (2003)
i cant really afford interlock on SSI, and ive been without a license for 15years today
This all happened over a decade ago, and you are just now asking this particular question ? You get credit for time...
Can i apply for my citizenship with DUI in my records?
Hi everyone, I got a DUI last april and i have paid the fine , taken all the requirements and done with probation 6 months probation periods. Its my first DUI. Can go ahead and apply for my citizenship ? Thanks.
You should not apply for citizenship (form n-400) without having your record reviewed by an attorney beforehand, given...