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I was 7 minutes late to a pbt for probation for my OWI. Do you believe it'll be a serious violation?
This is the first time ive ever been in trouble (for the OWI) and I am going to be released in October at 51st District Court Waterford. Just recently I over slept over the weekend (has been a busy last few weeks) and I was 7 minutes late to my PBT test. It was 9:07 on my PBT log, and I still blew .000 though. Do you believe I should call my PO and let her know or just wait till I see her next month in August and see if she brings it up? This would be my first real late PBT. I've had a few 9:01 or 9:02 on my PBT logs and she's never said anything about it but I didnt know if this would be different because it was slightly a little longer late time then before. Like I said I still blew .000 but I kind of a little worried just because I am at the end of the road with probation.
Just to be safe, I'd call and let her know. Full disclosure is the best policy with probation officers. My bigger...
Will an impaired driving charge in Michigan show up on a livescan report for employment in California?
No additional details.
i suspect that california and michigan both exchange driving records and all states have access to NCIC. so the answer...
I received a DUI in Ohio but live in MI. Do I still have my driving privileges in MI?
I was driving several hours after drinking but was lost because I was out of state. I fell asleep at the wheel and totaled my car. No other people or cars were involved. I lost my driving privileges in Ohio but the Ohio Patrol said to contact a MI attorney to verify if I still had driving privileges in MI.
michigan and ohio sometime share information on driving records. what you should do is contact the secretary of state...
I need some advice from an attorney from the 48th district court.
My situation is. I rented the in home breathalyzer Mach last Thursday. And on fri or sat I had to take the test. Well the machine read abort. I didn't take it again because I had to go to the bathroom right away for a long time. Anyways I took the test on Sunday and it passed. Well today I took it a pond myself to take the etg test for reassurance. Will I be considered violating probation?
So you missed two days of testing because you had to sit on a toilet? The ETG may cover you. But that is up to the...
What exactly does pretrial test you for with urine test? Will alcohol show up even if it has nothing to do with my case?
zero tolerance drugs condition
There are many different types and forms and levels of urine tests, so I cannot guarantee all the different things they...
How or what process must i go through in order to get a license or restricted license back after my 2nd DUI 1 year ago.
May 2013 i was released from probation for my 2nd DUI. I am now 25 years old. I completed probation but failed sobriety court. My license is now restricted and i was told that i could not apply until May this year 2014. What do i need to do in order to get this process started and what honestly are best changes of getting to back?
Your answer requires multiple other questions be answered. The Michigan Drivers License Assessment & Appeal Division (...
Will my judge send me to jail for violating probation by blowing a .019
I have been on probation for almost ten months for an "operating while visibly impaired" charge. I have done everything to the t. have not violated, did all the requirements. had my community service done before my first review (50 hours) but I did miss one blow and had to do another 5hours. I am in sobriety court.
It will depend on who your judge is. Almost no one emerges from sobriety court with an immaculate record as it is so...