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When going to renew drivers license, can I be arrested if it's a warrant out for me?
I am going to renew my driver's license at local DMV. Do they check for warrants?
Yes you can be arrested. Depending upon the type of warrant, the warrant can show up when just running a drivers...
Will I be able to not be charged with a dui other?
I recently went through a roadblock and the officer said he smelt marijuana. He asked if I had smoked lately and I said I had atleast 5 hours before. He searched my car and didn't find any marijuana Bc I didn't have any but did find an ecstasy pill. I wasn't given any kind of field test or a blood or urine test for the dui but was still written up for it. I know I have a possession of controlled substance for sure but I am confused as to how I can be given a dui other if there is not really any evidence to that besides that I said I had 5+ hours before and I don't believe I was under the influence anymore at the time
The officer will likely testify to "a strong smell of marijuana" coming from your car, and that he observed signs of...
Wat will happen at my 3rd dui hearing?
I was charged with reckless driving n 3rd dui...wat will happen in court??
You are charged with a felony. You need representation immediately
I have a MS DL and got a DUI in AR a few years ago. I completed all requirements in AR, but what will happen when I renew here?
I got a DUI in Arkansas almost 4 years ago. Went to court, paid fines, did community service, MADD victims’ forum, and hours of drug and alcohol classes (note: I took these classes in TN). I never heard anything from MS and my MS driving record still shows completely clean (I don’t have any tickets at all). I’ve read that, even if they don’t show anything on my record now, they’ll catch the DUI when I renew in a few months. My questions are: - Is that typically true? - If true, will they suspend my license? If so, will it be on the spot? - If suspended, what all will I likely be facing? I know there will be a fee, but since I’ve met Arkansas’ requirements w/classes, etc, what more will I be up against? Also, can I do anything to get ahead of this beforehand? - Will I have to stop driving for a bit and get approval to even drive to work? My main concern isn’t fees. It’s a question of, if they suspend me, how quickly could I resolve the suspension. (I’m hoping to not have to go through yet another round of bumming rides). [As a sidebar, I DID renew my license once after my DUI, but it was far before my court date, so I assume I must not have been “in the system” yet.]
Was the DUI non-adjudicated after you completed all of the requirements? Did you go to court in AR? What was the...
Is there a time limit for me to be indicted?
I was arrested for 3rd DUI felony at the end of December 2016. In the middle of January 2017, I appeared for my 1st court date where I was told my case would be bound over to the grand jury. Is there a time limit for me to be indicted?
You are facing a felony DUI. You need a lawyer, not bits of procedural legal advice from the internet. Delaying...
Trying to get my license back in Mississippi
Got a dui in California about 8 years ago and I need my license badly.
The only way to get your license in Tenn. is to have your license reinstated by California. Contact the CA DMV and ask...
What happens when charged with drug felonies ?
My husband was charged with 3 felonies- he was caught with 3 different pills in an unmarked bottle(Xanax, adderal, and a pain pill) He does have prescriptions for these but one was from a year ago. Will this be thrown out or will he be in any sort of trouble? He also has a pending dui charge in another county. First time offense
You should contact an attorney. It seems like it could be a valid defense if proved.