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How can I prove I'm being discriminated against by a hospital ER because I'm on prescription pain meds from an MVA with a drunk
I have a lot of med problems herniated discs,biliary colic and cholecystitis. The last 2 are sludge in my gall bladder. This is how stones begin.Ive had 4 attacks in a little over a year. The first 2 times I was rushed to the hospital and when I got there I had a list of medication I was on with the bottles. I'm on oxyc 30mg and 200mg of mscontin. Every time I've gone to the hospital I bring my scripts,yet Im treated like a junky. My scripts are never empty. I had an attack In Jan 2015 and was left in pain in the ER for over 12 hrs. I was told all I'm getting was an antacid even after an ultrasound when they saw my dilated gall bladder with this sludge. This sludge dn go away nor can it be cured. There is a lot more to tell but no space. I need an atty familiar with this sort of case.
There is no law against being treated like someone who is taking a lot of prescription drugs when one is taking a lot...
Is it worth hiring an expert in a dui case for a condition I have "Gerd"
Alcotest was 0.13 but I have just eaten spaghetti and have alot of stomach problems
You need an attorney regardless. Let him worry about the expert.
My daughters boyfriend was brought here as a child is is now 24 and he got a dwi so they wouldn't renew his citizenship. How can
How can he stay here legally without marrying my daughter. They do have a son together
Changing this to immigration so you get more responses.
Can Information discovered during discovery by a DWI consultant (expert) be used to dismiss or lessen a DWI charge?
First offense DWI, and .23 alco test. Info. discovered by expert...1. Officer failed to check oral cavity before breathalyzer test. 2. Officer failed to change mouth piece between tests and 3. Missing information (not provided during discovery) to validate the accuracy/calibration of the alco test machine.
Your lawyer should be able to help you with this. I assume you have one, who hired the expert.
Unfortunately I read the report wrong. This is my second DUI in 5 years.
So this past weekend I blew a .157 and the second time I blew a .162, 3 minutes apart. I know my chances of getting this dismissed are slim to none. The report form says Alcotest 71110 MKIII-C NJSP Somerville . it was a state trooper that pulled me over. Unfortunately I really need my car for work, so is there any chance of being allowed to drive to and from work with a DUI? I wish I could get this dismissed but like I said I know its extremely unlikely. I just need someone who will fight for me. And do anything possible to help me.I know I'm asking for a miracle. Just need someone to fight and care about the case. Is it as unlikely as I think to get a DUI dismissed?
There is no occupational license in NJ. You don't have much wiggle room on a second offense. An experienced attorney...
What are my chances of getting my second DUI within 5 years dismissed?
I blew a .16 and then a .11 , is there any chance at all I could get it dismissed?
It is unclear whether you are saying that your .16 was the first DUI and the .11 the present one OR, this time the two...
I wear a Fentanyl patch all the time. It is an opiate. I also drive. If I'm in an accident, can I be charged with a DUI?
I'm not drowsy or otherwise impaired and have an excellent driving record.
If the restrictions on the medication tell you not to operate machinery or drive, then I would say you might be in...