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Is it worth hiring an expert in a dui case for a condition I have "Gerd"
Alcotest was 0.13 but I have just eaten spaghetti and have alot of stomach problems
You need an attorney regardless. Let him worry about the expert.
Why do I need a 16 week idrc course when my dui was 13 years ago and my blood alcohol content was.01?
I just recently started trying to get on track with my license and the counselor told me I have to do this 16 week course and it doesn't work around my schedule. I know people that got in a drunk driving accident and had beer in the cup holder and only do a 12 hour course..
If this is what DMV is requiring, you just need to take a deep breathe and plow through it if you want your license...
Can we beat this
My husband just got arrested for possession of less than 50 grams of marijuana. He was also driving unlicenced on a suspended license which he never had to begin with (second offense in less than 6 months) and reckless driving, and DUI all second time offenses in nj. He is an illegal. What are the chances of him serving time here and how much and what are the fines or is it automatic deportation?
What is important here is your definition of "beat this." I don't know anything about the facts of your husband's case...
Is it possible to be charged with DUI in NJ when no blood or breath test was taken?
A family member was stopped, given a field sobriety test, failed, arrested, and charged with DUI. This person has (for years) digestion issues which causes them to burp almost constantly. The officer noticed this, and wouldn't administer a breath test. This person was arrested after failing the field sobriety test. After asking the officer to take a breath test (person was confident that they weren't over the legal limit), he still refused to administer the test or take blood. Furthermore, although I'm not sure if it matters or how it works, this person was observed driving/pulled over/arrested outside of the township in which the police officer works. The border of that township is about 3 miles from where this person was stopped. Does he have legal jurisdiction to make a stop here?
Yes you can. When pulled over for a moving violation, where the police officer suspects that the driver may be...
I never bing an problem I don't have papers but I gat a dui What can I do
I was driving and somebody hit me but they blame it on me because I was drunk
Yes, the law considers it to be your fault if you were above the legal limit. You risk deportation, hire a lawyer to...
Do I have to attend AA and NA programs in NJ drug court or are there alternatives? Read description below.
? Since one of drug courts rules is to go to a twelve step program like NA or AA atleast in New Jersey and part of those programs Is finding and having a diety of some sort, is there an alternative program that is specifically based on a more secular guideline? Also would that be sufficient for the New Jersey drug court program ?
I have no idea. But check with them not us. You violate you lose.
Would a DUI affect chances of Citizenship
I have a marraige based Green Card since 2006. I was recently involved in a DUI which I have pleaded non guilty. I want to file for Citizenship.
A singular Misdemeanor DUI without any complications (like leaving a scene of the accident with bodily damage) which...