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How do i get my car back after it was seized for driving on a suspended license do to a dui from 9 1/2 years ago and valid DL
I was pulled over and charged with driving on suspended/ revoked license they have been suspended/ revoked for about 9 1/2 years now. They seized my vehicle and took me to jail, i bonded out in less than 5 hours. I went to court and everything was dismissed because i got a valid drivers license before i went to court. Now i don't have a car, i posted the $350 bond to department of safety and homeland security and filed for my hearing within 30 days of the seized vehicle . I have a valid drivers license now, and i am waiting for my hearing on my seized / forfeited vehicle. What are my chances of getting my vehicle back
These hearings with the Department of Safety over seizures are notoriously difficult. Not impossible, just very...
Will i be drug tested on unsupervised probation?
I was put on probation as a result of a guilty plea for violation of o.o.p and theft under $500. I took some pain medicine for a kidney stone and forget I have my first meeting with probation officer today and im afraid I'll be drug tested.
It doesn't sound like you are on unsupervised probation since you have a meeting with a probation officer. Here is the...
I failed my first drug test so will my probation officer violate me or give me a warning
I'm on felony probation and i failed my first drug test so will my probation officer violate me or give me a warning cause im on probation for 3 yrs n i only have 1 yr left of probation
You need to get with a local lawyer who knows the judge and state attorneys in your area. Normally a person will not be...
My son has restricted license from a dui and he can only go from home and work and he has a breathalizer in his jeep,
My son was caught on federal land and was cited a citation to go to federal court, hes on unsupervised probation, im wandering how much jail time will he get
I believe I answered this question a few hours ago, but the short answer is that I would need more info to give an...
In Tennessee is retaking the driven and or written exam required for reinstating driving privileges after revoked suspended lice
All requirements by state have been as well met including Sr22 insurance policy have satisfied all pending citations traffic violations fines DUI and DORL AND DOSL COSTS AND FINES HAVE BEEN MET IN CARTER COUNTY ,Tennessee 37643. Do I still have to retake that part of. The driving or written tests also or can I just pay for my new card and obtain my license without talking either test??
I am not licensed in Tennessee, but in California, if the suspension is for DUI, the individual usually does not have...
What will the judge give me for driving on revoked? When your license are revoked over first offense DUI and still on probation.
Got caught driving while my license are revoked over DUI. So how long will I have to go to jail
Uncertain. Your bigger problem is a possible probation violation for a new arrest while in probation for a DUI. You...
On probation for a drug related charges. Filed a drug test
My boyfriend is on probation for a drug charge it's his first charge first time being in trouble. He had to take a drug test for his P.O. and he didn't pass it!!! They let him go then signed a warrant on him and came and got him and now his awaiting bonding hearing. What could happen too him he get a off probation in 2 1/2 months? Please help!!!!
If we assume from the way your question is written that your boyfriend was on probation and while on probation failed a...