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How to renew Washington State DL when current CO DL has a hold on it.
I have been charged with DUI in CO, and my CO DL has been revoked pending the outcome (I could also get interlock in CO now). Due to current loss of driving privileges, I lost my job. Want to move back to WA for new job. My WA DL expired 01/14. What needs to take place in order for me to be able to drive in WA asap? Would filling out an Out of State Residency affidavit lift the hold on my CO DL, and allow me to renew my WA DL?
You need to speak with a WA attorney who specializes in license renewals and also has knowledge of DWI matters. The out...
Is there a way to write a letter to get your car back?
I was out with friends and had a couple of drinks but was also driving them around so I did drink much but got pulled over and blew over on there machine, I made a mistake but do need my car for my daughters and for work.
After any mandatory impoundment, petition the court for return of your vehicle.
I missed a compliance hearing after a DUI.
I paid my fines, took my classes, did my day in jail. I wasn't aware of a compliance hearing and now have been made aware of a bench warrant. What can I expect if/when I turn myself in?
That is a question for your attorney. Anytime you violate the terms of a sentence the judge can impose any of the...
I was pulled over for traveling 46 MPH at night, in rain, on highway with posted maximum speed of 60MPH. Is that lawful?
I am facing a 2nd DUI, I did not refuse a breath test and the test resulted in a BAC 2 1/2 times the legal limit. I was pulled over for traveling 46 MPH at night, in rain, on a state highway with posted maximum speed of 60MPH. Do I have a leg to stand on in questioning whether it was lawful for me to be pulled over in the first place?
Generally a person can operate a vehicle at under the posted speed limit if the vehicle operation is not impeding the...
What is the best way to take care of a DUI that took place in 2006 .He now has a warrant for his arrest
It is supposed to go to 3 court hearings. He went to the 1st 2, But he missed the 3rd Court date due to a mix up in dates .He did not go back to take care of it so it's been over his head all these years .What would happen to him if he went to the court 0office and let them know his story would he go to jail? Or would he served community service? weekend's injail?
He should contact an attorney. If he goes to the court they will likely call the deputies and put him in jail. There is...
I have a 20 year old dui in Washington from 1997 what will happen to me ?
I am afraid to contact them its been 20 years
You can hire an attorney to check out your case for you. After 20 years, all the witnesses the government needs to...
I need my dui reduced to reckless driving
I blew .14 Went to my first hearing and the prosecutor offered me the min fine and only on day in jail I went for my alcohol assessment me I was told I had 0 of the 11 triggers and was told I need to go to just one 8 hour class. I did not hit anyone or anything. I got caught swerving and speeding. What is the likelihood of getting this reduced to reckless driving? What do I need to do to make that happen?
The only way for a reduction to occur is to be represented by an experienced DUI defense attorney who will be able to...