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Does the government have to file a motion against my motion to suppress in an DUI?
I filed a motion to suppress. The government hasn't filed a motion against my motion. Does this mean that I win? The judge said they have to file it last week but I never got one.
A actual written motion? NO. Especially if it's a week motion, a DA may not waste their time writing an opposition and...
My son received a DUI on Camp Lejune. Does he need an attorney to address these charge. How do we fight these charges?
How does this impact his future military career.
Yes, your son should retain counsel to address the DUI as well as any implications for his driving privileges. As this...
Discovery in a DUI Case. Do prosecutors have to give you their evidence before the day of trial?
They gave me some evidence at the arraignment. Then i sent them a "Rosser Letter." They said they didn't have a lot of it, and they also said they would give me the other stuff they did have on the day of the trial. Also, I asked for the body cam and the dash cam of the stop. They said they didn't have either one. Don't DC cops all have body cams? And if not, don't they all have dash cams?
DUI cases usually do involve video from dash and/or body camera. However, there is no law requiring these recordings be...
I was charged with owi & did diversion program for reverse conviction. Do I need to list the conviction for hr background check?
The case was in DC and I plead guilty to .03 bac, but did deferred sentencing/ diversion program and had reverse judgement a few months later. Have to complete a background check for private sector job, which involves no driving. Questionnaire asks if I've ever been convicted or plead guilty to a misdemeanor in the last 5 years (my case was resolved in 2011). Arrest was in 2010. Do I need to divulge the arrest if I did diversion? Any advice is much appreciated.
If you're curious what shows on a background check, consider conducting a live scan on yourself. Costs about 40 bucks.
I want to file a motion to suppress in a DUI case.
I have a status hearing coming up. I don't want to plead guilty and go to trial, and I want to file a motion to suppress the evidence against me. Do I do that before the judge at the status hearing?
No. But you are foolish trying to do this on your own. You need a lawyer, and if you show up without one, the court is...
No probable cause to pull me over then give me a DUI
The police pulled me over because someone said I hit their car. But I didn't and there was no damage to either car. But they chased me and pulled me over and then charged me with a DUI. Is there a case I can use to say that police can't just pull you over because someone claims you hit their car?
You need an experienced DUI defense lawyer in the D.C. area to help you out on this one -- you have a chance at some...
Recently I was arrested for dui and driving while impaired,no detection of alcohol or drugs was found
I blew 000 on breathalizer, no drugs found in urine test, ticket also closed , no fine. However I didnt attend DMV hearing because I was unaware that I still had to go because my case was dismessed and the ticket was closed, DMV still revocked my license. What can I do?
You need to contact DMV and see if the decision can be appealed. It may help to have an experienced DUI attorney help...