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WWi'll I have to go back to court when my ptobation is over?
Do I go back to court I had a dwi
This question is better answered by experienced DUI attorneys. Switching to that category.
How can I find and outpatient dui program in DC and Maryland from 12-24 hour's ?
Have to find short term outpatient dui before October 5.
Why? There are many certified alcohol counseling programs in both DC and MD. What exactly are you looking for? Is this...
I have a unlawful entree at a hospital for seeking treatment but my drug test is dirty what will happen
And my drug test is dirty and I left the program because I was bout to lose my apartment what will happen
At some point, probably, in the not too distant future, you will likely be arrested and held in custody if you now do...
Well i hav dui charge been on pretrial for 5months now i just violated with dirty urine I live in washington dc what am I facing
I made a mistake with drug use before arrest, but later on in date my truck highdroplane one day,when I tried to fix truck polices arrived charged me with dui.i passed sobriety test I'm on pretrial now I have been doing well till last week dirty urine in 5 months ,also another issue in drive tractor trailers cross country I'm don't make it back in town but every two weeks my pretrial officer gave me a warning letter about till I told here I reach out to my lawyer and the judge about this I don't want to go to jail I have no problem on doing better o. Keeping my urine clean I value my freedom I learnt my lesson. What I'm I looking at and what can I do to stay free court date and keep my license this is my career which I been doing for 19yrs now,thank you
Speak to the lawyer who is handling this case... this is not a question someone can answer online
What should I do when my parole officer request a home visit and dont showup
I am actively looking for employment since I lost my job 7 months ago. I have been on paper for 13 years with 100% clean urine test for and reporting when requested to her office how can I resolve this problem.
Who didn't show up? If the parole office didn't show, then probably nothing to worry about. If you were not there,...
I got my first DUI in DC from Park police, with my virginia license.
On valentines day i pulled over by park police in DC with charge of DUI. I was arrested for 2 hours then they let me go, i have court next month. My question is court will arrest me for this or not? Can i just pay my penalty or i have to go to jail for couple days?
You get a lawyer to fight it, as you don't want to take the hit
How do I anonymously report a violation
My friend is an armed security guard in DC. He was asked to perform a drug test and he used a friend's urine sample to pass the test. I know that he has gone to work high and has even had a little alcohol in his system. He has yet to be caught because he's good at hiding that kind of stuff and they haven't asked him to perform another drug test yet. It's a very unsafe situation and I don't believe he should be handling a fire arm while under the influence.
You don't why would you want to be anonymous?