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I was wondering could you be approved for TSA pre check with a DUI conviction more than 5 years ago?
I got a DUI conviction more than 5 years ago. I applied for Global entry a few months ago I got a conditional approval and I did disclose DUI on the application. I went for the interview and then a week later they told me I was not approved because of the DUI. Not sure why they would do a conditional approval if they already knew a DUI would disqualify me anyways and I disclosed it, but anyways so was wondering would the same thing happened if i applied for TSA pre check? If so will I be able to ever get TSA pre check? is there a certain waiting period or anything I can do to still get it. Thank you
This is not actually a criminal defense question but appears to be perhaps a licensure question. You have to ask them...
First time DUI in Washington D.C.
Good Evening, I was arrested early this morning on a DUI in Dupont Circle. I refused to take field sobriety tests and was given a breath test right when I got to the station. The cop did not give me a score. What am I looking for in terms of serving time? Thank you!
You did the right thing in refusing to take field sobriety tests. The only true evidence they may have now is the...
My lawyer told me that I should take 5 yrs because my case is not winnable at trial
he said some cases are just near impossible to win. should I report him to the bar for predicting results?
No, there is no grounds to report him to the bar. He is SUPPOSED to predict results. if he didn't predict results,...
What changes can be implemented into my step kids visitation schedule after their biological mother got pulled over for DUI/DWI?
My step kids biological mother came to pick the kids up for court ordered visitation. The children 6 and 8 were buckled in the car ready to go when we realized she was drunk. It was a struggle to get the children out of the car. She was pulled over 2 miles away from our house and arrested. the state trooper told us her BAC was .24. She has been arrested for prostitution before. We live in MD where all of this happened. She currently lives in NJ. Right now she is allowed to take them out of state for longer visitation schedules; summer, after Christmas, and spring break. She sees them regularly one weekend a month.
In what state/county court was the custody/visitation order entered? You either go to that court or to the court having...
Does the government have to file a motion against my motion to suppress in an DUI?
I filed a motion to suppress. The government hasn't filed a motion against my motion. Does this mean that I win? The judge said they have to file it last week but I never got one.
A actual written motion? NO. Especially if it's a week motion, a DA may not waste their time writing an opposition and...
Discovery in a DUI Case. Do prosecutors have to give you their evidence before the day of trial?
They gave me some evidence at the arraignment. Then i sent them a "Rosser Letter." They said they didn't have a lot of it, and they also said they would give me the other stuff they did have on the day of the trial. Also, I asked for the body cam and the dash cam of the stop. They said they didn't have either one. Don't DC cops all have body cams? And if not, don't they all have dash cams?
DUI cases usually do involve video from dash and/or body camera. However, there is no law requiring these recordings be...
I want to file a motion to suppress in a DUI case.
I have a status hearing coming up. I don't want to plead guilty and go to trial, and I want to file a motion to suppress the evidence against me. Do I do that before the judge at the status hearing?
No. But you are foolish trying to do this on your own. You need a lawyer, and if you show up without one, the court is...