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I got my first DUI in DC from Park police, with my virginia license.
On valentines day i pulled over by park police in DC with charge of DUI. I was arrested for 2 hours then they let me go, i have court next month. My question is court will arrest me for this or not? Can i just pay my penalty or i have to go to jail for couple days?
You get a lawyer to fight it, as you don't want to take the hit
How do I anonymously report a violation
My friend is an armed security guard in DC. He was asked to perform a drug test and he used a friend's urine sample to pass the test. I know that he has gone to work high and has even had a little alcohol in his system. He has yet to be caught because he's good at hiding that kind of stuff and they haven't asked him to perform another drug test yet. It's a very unsafe situation and I don't believe he should be handling a fire arm while under the influence.
You don't why would you want to be anonymous?
Can I travel overseas on Advance Parole with a pending DUI charge (first offense, no criminal records at all)?
Hello, Last week, I received a simple DUI charge, very clean record otherwise, no traffic violations, etc. for the last 16 yrs I have been in the US. My court date is end of Jan where I plan to plead 'NOT GUILTY' as my BAC was at 0.07, below the legal limit of 0.08. I'm currently pursuing my green card, priority date of Apr 2007. I've been using my EAD and AP for work and travel resp. since the last 9 years without any issues. My employer does maintain my H1-B as an underlying visa (expires Dec 2018, no visa stamped on passport). Q1. Based on the prudential revocation of visa for DUI, would my H1-B and EAD/AP get revoked? Q2. I was planning to travel overseas and return early Jan, much before the court date, do you think I may have issues at the port of entry? Thank you very much for your time and understanding in advance. Regards
Recommend you wait until you have a case disposition before you travel internationally.
Will my spouse's immigration visa in Korea be denied or delayed because of a past DUI?
My husband is in Korea and about to do an interview for his immigrant visa. Korea is one place in the world that this immigration process can be done from abroad. Typically the visa comes within a week after the interview there, but my husband has a DUI from just over a year ago, and a DUI from 10 years ago on his record. He also has a criminal record for fighting from 2002. How will this impact his visa approval? Is there anything I can do to expedite the process or help him, since I'm in the US with our baby and I need him to do childcare so I can start a job?
DUI without more does not make him inadmissible. It is unlikely that the visa would be denied on one DUI as a matter...
How long does a suspension last and when will there be a hearing
Hello I was placed on suspension for dishonesty I work at giantfood and I called the union office to explain what happened they also sent a letter to inform me my rights and they are going to protest my suspension what does it mean
Not enough info to venture a guess. Suspension of what and how does this relate to a DUI? Suggest asking who ever...
I was given a alcoholic beverage, after I drank the beverage I was told by the person who fixed it that they put urine in it
last night I was given an alcoholic beverage, by someone who this morning said they put urine in it she began to apologize, but I am headed to the hospital because I don't feel good I have a headache, I also kept the part of the drink that I did not finish, and I have her on tape saying that she put urine in the drink that I drank.
Well, that sucks. Have you reported this matter to the police? Also, out of morbid curiosity, why were you recording?
How long are records kept for failure to pay civil fines and/or do community service? do they ever go away?
1. A person was convicted of multiple DUIs in a different state ("Old State") 15+ years ago. He did not pay off the civil penalties and didn't do the ordered community service. could the existence of that record in Old State be used to arrest him in New State if he were to apply for a driver's license in New State? 2. Is there a statue of limitations for traffic offenses (other than DUI) if those citations were ignored and judgment was automatically entered in New State, but arose 20+ years ago? Can those citations be used to arrest him if he applied today for a driver's license in New State?
1, yes 2. there is a statute of limitations on all crimes and some have no statute of limitation. 3. ignoring a...