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What will I need to do to obtain an Oregon drivers license, coming from California with the following complications at hand?
As a resident of California I got myself a dui (1st offence). Completed all requirements for both court and DMV, and reinstated my licence, then shortly after, had it exponged from my record successfuly. 2 years later, i caught myself a 2nd DUI- "take note!"- (DMV did not expung the 1st. it effected only my criminal record). This 2ND one was just over 8 years ago. I have tried to keep up with class but it has proven difficult with my current job, living, and class location. Great financial opportunity awaits me in oregon. I know this stuff doesn't just go away, so what should I expect when I contact oregon DMV and would like to start the path towards having my priveleges as a driver reinstated? Just looking to prepare. Thanks.
You face much pain and frustration. Best to get your CA license fully reinstated. Who knows that Oregon will do?...
Is this contempt? 13 weeks of missed drug tests.
My ex has 2 days a week 5hrs a day with our 9 month old. Recently, I filed a motion for contempt because he was suppose to abstain from all drugs since October 1st. He has tested positive twice since then. Additionally our order says random drug testing for six months. However it does not say when the start date should be from this. It was what I thought was implied. He waited 13 weeks to sign up for the test. So is this 2 counts of contempt or 15 counts? The judge is not happy with him. What's the best way for me to argue this point? Additionally, I hired a private investigator the last month who caught him driving reckless with our daughter and photographs, granted they are over a year and a half old, of drugs being manufactured in his home. Think this will be enough for supervised visits?
This is a great question for your lawyer. However, if you don't have a lawyer, it seems that Judge is aware of the...
Can someone be convicted for DUI if they were not tested.??
Daughter just got out of hospital 5150 for 6days and doesnt remember being there.the next day she got in her car and tried to go to her dads.she hit a parked car.went to jail they didn't test her can they convict on just her saying she had taken pills the night before??Public defender said they could get a test???
Your daughter already has a LAWYER, who happens to be provided, at government expense, through the Public Defender's...
This question has to parts to it DUI and assault charges.on a 21 yr old women who has schizo affective disorder
My daughter was in the middle of an episode, and had not slept for days she thought if she had a couple drinks it would put her to sleep bad idea.she ended up putting her arm thro a window. They could not do surgery till next day because she was drunk.she kept trying to leave hospital so they 5150 her, medicated her.and when she would wake up not knowing where she was she would try to run they would tackle her and she would swing.she was in there for 6 days and does not remember any of it. they are trying to charge her with 3 asult charges. A day and a half later after she was releast she go her car keys and tried to go to her dads.they have her on colonopen for sleep. She hadn't had any since night before. On the way to get dads she hit a parked car cops came and she told him she had mental issues,and was taking medication.also some other nice words..went to jail and was out a few hrs later.they never tested her.public defender is saying when I asked about test,that she didn't know if they had one but if not they could get one?? Her mental condition came on in high school out of nowhere and she's had 5 lasting 30 day not remembering any of it.
First I do not know why this is included under Domestic Violence since you do not mention anything about Domestic...
How long does the DA or courts have to file or make a case against him? its been 3 months can he file a motion to dismiss this?
my husband got a Dui in truckee and when he went to court they couldn't find him in there system. they told him to contact auburn ca but he's not in there system ether,both courts are now saying he needs to try and contact the DA.
Truckee is in Nevada County, so why they told him to contact Auburn is a mystery.. If you can't find the information...
Why do I need to contact DA in auburn when I caught my dui in truckee, are there motions to file for a dismissal in this case?
I got pulled over an arrested in truckee ca for a DUI, an was O.R. an told to return 30 days later for court. but when I showed up I was no where in there system no records would even indicate I was ever in there jail system. after some time they find out that i needed to be contacted by the D.A. in Auburn CA, I haven't heard anything since. my probation officer is also looking into the situation, which he says he sees the arrest but no court date of any kind he said its really weird he never seen anything like this.
Truckee is in Nevada County. Auburn is the county seat of Placer County. But, since the courthouse in Auburn is an...
Do California Sheriff's record the reason for being pulled over?
I was pulled over around 230am a couple Saturdays ago and the reason the sheriff gave me was that I was "taking the corner fast". He smelt alcohol on my breath, and I ended up getting a dui. Are they required to record the reason for initially pulling me over? Taking a corner fast does not seem like probable cause, but I don't know if it's just entered as "traffic stop" in every report. Is there any way of proving this in court? Thank you for any information. Let me know if I need to clarify anything.
The police report should state the reason for the stop. Under Mercer v. DMV, the officer may not make a traffic stop...