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What should I do to try and recuperate a loss of a vehicle due to an accident with an uninsured drunk motorist?
I was on my way home from running to town and a drunk uninsured motorist with out a valid driver's license pulled out in front of me totaling my car. I only had basic liability on my car so my insurance won't replace my vehicle and won't cover any loss of time for being sore.
Contact the District Attorney's Office handling the prosecution and advise them that you wish to be notified of court...
Can the state of wisc hold previous dui offense against you if they occurred in the state of fla
Previous dui convictions in another state, previously dui convictions in 1989,2000 and 2004.
It is certainly possible. Whether the prior convictions can be used depends on specific facts unique to each case. You...
For what reasons is a collateral attack on a DUI granted?
As far as a collateral attack on a DUI in Wisconsin goes, is the absolute only way to have one granted by not having an attorney and not intelligently waiving that right? Is there any other argument to have that granted? My brother was suffering from mental health conditions and tried committing suicide. He plead guilty the day he was released. Now, he has a 4th offense in court. I am just curious if his mental state at that time, or anything else would determine the attack being granted. He had a public defender.
The grounds for a collateral attack depend on the facts of the case, the location of the court, the charges upon which...
How do you find a free lawyer on a case that is not considered a crime because it's a first offense and would not result in jail
OWI first offense. 0.9/0.8 on a breathalyzer test. $811 fine and license suspended for 6 months if convicted.
You don't, generally. Attorneys cost money, I'm afraid, and you don't have a right to a public defender in municipal court.
Is there anyway I can get my ticket reduced so I do not get my license suspended?
I had three drinks from 6-9 pm and stopped because I had to take friends home. We left at around 10 and it was only a two minute drive from one dorm to the other. I accidentally went the wrong way on a one way and was pulled over for that. The cop could smell alcohol so I was honest and told him I had been drinking so he put me thorough field tests, which as far as I know I passed. He put me under arrest and took me back to the station to take a breath test which I blew a .06. I was given a violation against the absolute sobriety law and have a court date in June.
If it is a violation of s. 346.63(2m) the 90 day suspension is mandatory upon conviction, so the only way to avoid it...
What was the penalty for dwi in Wisconsin in 1911
need answer for school project
Then I suggest you do your homework. Here's a place to start. http://legis.wisconsin.gov/lrb/research/
What is the post judgement interest rate for a DUI?
I was convicted of DUI in 2007 and had a judgement of $1366.50 as a fine. I was charged interest at $4.80 (4.25%apr)a month for 12 months, but have subsequently been charged $13.67 (12%apr) a month for about 5.5 years. I obviously forgot about the fine but I need to pay it off. Am I being charged the correct interest? If not, how can I rectify this? It seems as if I am being charged more than the state statute calls for on civil judgements.
I am not licensed in Wisconsin, but in California it is ten percent. I would think it ought to be the same in...