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I had a DUI in NH in 1994, served the sentence in RI. Now NH wants me to pay a fine (not a problem) and supply them with original completion certificate for DUI class. I'm not even sure that was part of the law then. Anyway RI gave me my license back, without dui class requirement and I had no trouble renewing my RI license until this time. I'm told that I have to satisfy NH before I can renew my license. What's one to do?
It appears that NH may have caught up with the fact that you never completed the DUI class. You should first seek...
Someone had told me there is a new law about DUI, a way to get out of SR22, i have been paying a little less than 300 a month and its killing me. Anyone have any ideas?
No. You got the offense, now you have to deal with the consequences.
My dui is in the process of being expunged and the terms for the dismissal was to plead guilty to the refusal of the breath test. My lawyer told me my criminal record will be cleared but my driving record will show the refusal. I'm worried because I travel to Canada very often for my job and don't know if I will be okay crossing the border yet with just the dismissal documentation and the refusal on my record.
More information is needed. However, a decision to plead guilty can show up on your record as may a suspended license....
or what other states can i drive? untill the matter is cleared up?
The answer to your question depends on whether or not your DUI is still pending and what state your license is from....
When I went to court it was treated as a first offence and I was charged with a refusal. DUI was expunged. Will I lose my CDL indefinitely or can I fight to keep my license due to the "look back" law.
I am admittedly not a DUI practitioner. However, in my personal injury practice I have found myself at the RI Traffic...
. ยง 31 - 27 - 2 Driving under influence of liquor or drugs My question is my first violation was on 11 / 30 / 2007 year to date my second violation is 12 / 12 / 12 , which is not within the five year period . The AG and court said it is not from the violation date but the time starts when I was finally charged from the conviction date on 10 / 10 / 2008 . I would like to know what the law is in RI about the 5 year look back period and if this can be truly used against me in court .
The look back period begins with the conviction date, not charge. A conviction date of 10/10/08 would carry a look back...
I paid the fine on the spot, there is no court or anything. There is only a few week ban of driving here in Austria.
Are there Canadian lawyers on Avvo?