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What to say when accused of a dui
I was driving home at night after having a couple beers and a deer ran out in front of my car. I had to swerve and my car became stuck in a ditch. I tried to push my car out but couldn't so someone driving by offered me a ride and I went home planning to get the car out the next morning. The car was towed by police overnight after someone called and said someone crashed their car and they saw he driver staggering. Now I have to call the cop who towed my car.
Do not make any statements to the police. If a significant number of hours have gone by it is likely you have no...
Will I lose my teaching license for a DWI arrest?
I was arrested for a DWI in Nassau County I am very scared and worried I will go to jail. It is my first offense.
Did you take the breath test? If yes, what was your bac? Was there an accident? Lots of facts needed to answer your...
Is a DWI considered a criminal offense?
My custody agreement papers say I cannot live with someone who has a criminal record. I want to live with my aunt , she has a DWI 20 years ago.
DWI is both a criminal offense (something punishable by jail or a fine - see Penal Law 10.00) and a crime (it's a...
Ny state statute of limitations on dui for non residents with no arraignment?
Nj man charged in Catskill's ny with dwi and aggravated dwi released and never heard back from court never arraigned on charges is there a statute of limitations
Was he given a Desk Appearance Ticket or summons to appear in court? Did he give his correct address? How long ago was this?
Possibilities to get back NY Driver License after 3 DWI within 25 years.
I have 3 DWI within 25 years, 1993; 2006; 2015. No accident involved for my whole life, latest 2015 DV BAC was .0.18 I sentenced for 3 years TASC and Mandated to REHAB. Already been for over 6 month and doing well so far . I also had Interlock for over one year, but since my car was taking from me by court order the Interlock device returned back to company. In the local DMV rep said that I won't have abilities to drive for the next 5 years plus 18 months judge sentence. So, around 6.5 years. My question is: Is the anyway to get license sooner in my case, or it's just wasting my time and money? Qualify respond will be greatly appreciated.
DMV has wide latitude in setting their own rules, which include lifetime bans from driving. You've had a DWI in each of...
What does "In Full Satisfaction" mean?
I was arrested in the state of New York for a DWI when I was 19 years old. I hired a lawyer and had it reduced down to "Driving after consuming alcohol under the age of 21". I ordered my criminal records through the mail for travel purposes to Canada and on the rap sheet it says What my conviction actually was (Driving after consuming alcohol under the age of 21" and then in another section it says "In Full Satisfaction" then under it, it states my charges that I was not convicted of. "DWI and DWI with .08% or more BAC ...." I am curious to what that means?
It means that the plea bargain you accepted covered the other charges that were on the accusatory instrument (the...
Can my probation officer force me to take drug classes if clean?
My probation officer told me to get evaluated and take a drug test. I did and tested negative. I am 4 months clean from marijuana use and he is now telling me that I have to start a drug treatment by next week or I'm going to jail. I am a stay at home dad who watches over his son as his mom works to maintain us. I cannot afford or find care. Is this legal? What can I do because if I am clean why am I being forced to take classes ?
You signed conditions of probation when you received your sentence. These conditions govern your supervision and they...