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Will a suspended sentence be activated if you've absconded but never violated before?
I was given a suspended sentence of 18 to 30 months for larceny under the alford plea. I fled for family reasons but returned on my own accord and will surrender freely. What's the likelihood of sentence activation?
Absconding can revoke your probation and activate your suspended sentence even if you do not have a prior violation....
I was charged with dwi in nc and my blood test came back at .08 what are my chances of fighting it?
I was charged with dwi in nc and had a blood alcohol test the result came back at .086 plus or minus .004 what are my chances of fighting or pleaing it down or what do i do?
It depends, we don't know anything about the stop or any admissions you made, etc. In terms of what you should do the...
What dwi blood draw cases go to the state sbi crime lab?
I got a dwi in kenansville nc and was wondering how long for blood results of my bac
It depends somewhat on the jurisdiction where you were charged, as some municipalities have their own crime labs....
How long does it take to get a toxicology report for a dwi with alcohol?
I got a dwi and they drew blood how long will it be till i get the results so i can know how to fight it.
First, get an attorney if you don't have one. This isn't a situation you should handle on your own. To answer your...
How long does it take to get blood results in duplin county nc for blood alcohol testing and is there a required time for it?
I've been waiting a month and was charged with a dwi how long do they have to get the results and try me before it will get thrown out?
If the blood was sent to the SBI lab in Raleigh, you are looking at several years before the results come back. The...
How will i know when my blood alcohol content test comes back in north carolina?
I got charged with a dwi and need to know how long to get the results and how to see when the results come back will the da contact me or the dmv or will anyone contact me?
An affidavit showing results comes back from whichever lab tested the sample. Depending on the lab, it could be a few...
Can I get approved for Daca? With a dismissed expunged dui?
7 years ago when I was 18 I got a dui. It was a dismissed misdemeanor. I have never gotten in any trouble at all since then not even traffic stops. I paid fines, did community service, and took some alcohol classes. I recently want to get it expunged and want to know if I do will it help me to get approved? If I get denied will I get deported?
A misdemeanor DWI conviction is not on the list of excluded offenses. ... the North Carolina courts have treated it as...