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I have completed 8 months of my probation for a first offense drug charge. I just got a dui. What can I do and what am I facing?
I am 17 now. I blew a .13 and got stopped at a checkpoint after curfew.
Hire a good lawyer. You're facing a problem with the new charge as well as with the revocation of the old.
So if someone recieved a DUI over 10 years ago, would those records be available today, 10 years later in the same county?
Need to know if county would still have record of 1st DUI over 10 years ago?
DUI records are permanent and not subject of any sealing or expungement ever.
Will i have to take vasap to get my restricted license
i was on probation for posession of marijuana.i completed probation, but my license is suspended now due to unpaid fines,i have paid them and am now trying to get my restricted drivers license.will i have to attend vasap?
DMV may be instructive on whether you are eligible for a restricted license, and, if so, what criteria you must satisfy...
Can a person with a suspended driver's license still use his motorcycle license to get around?
In the state of Virginia, if your driver's license is suspended due to a DWI, can you still use your motorcycle license to get around the suspended license? How can you report a person driving on a suspended license?
No. The suspension is of the driving privilege. Contact the DMV to ask about a hardship license. Do not drive the...
What can I do to contest a DUI charge in Virginia?
I submitted to FSTs and roadside breath. Refused breath/blood at station. Transported to the hospital after having an anxiety attack. I am also in the military and facing several issues as well.
You can retain an attorney. It's futile trying to do anything on your own. If you knew the law you wouldn't have...
Legal Liability DUI - post separation
My wife's a drunk. She hasnt had a DUI yet, but drinks and drives all the time. I used to take her keys away and lock them in the safe on a regular basis while we were together. During the 6 years we were together I think she was hospitalized for falling down the stairs twice and for alcohol detox with DTs 3 times (Or something like that, I lost count). Now that we're getting separated and I've found a place to stay, I kept her keys because I feel that I would still be liable if I let her drive. Is that correct? Can I address this in a separation agreement or do we need to re-title the cars and re-do the loan first? What if she gets a rental car on her own credit card?
Are you talking about civil or criminal liability? If you are this concerned then I suggest that you get into a...
I have an interlock installed, why I am getting the camera installed?
I've had my interlock device installed in my car for almost 6 months with no violations or missed tests. I received a call from the interlock company that my calibration appt has been changed due to camera installation. Why after all this time am I getting it now? I received a letter from my asap office that my compliance period is over soon.
The law now requires cameras in interlock devices.