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I got a dui last Monday and I didn't receive a ticket from the police officer that night. Shouldn't I have got one?
The cop said my passenger tires crossed the white line on a sharp turn. I was very cooperative and agreed to all tests. He took me to the hospital and did a blood test. I didn't receive any paperwork or ticket at the time or as of yet
Generally speaking yes, however, if you didn't, you'll likely get a citation in the mail.
Will I be charged with first DUI, or second DUI?
I recently received a DUI. But I received my first DUI a little over 9 years ago and completed my ARD program. I can remember my attorney telling me that she would have it expunged and I'm not sure if she did or not. When I went into the Pa courts portal to look at the Magisterial District Court, Court Summary, it does not show my first DUI, but all of the other citations that I was charged with when I got the first DUI because I had a MVA. It shows that this is my first offense. Yet, when I downloaded my DMV record, it shows the DUI from 2006.My question is this: since DUI that I received recently is showing as my first offense through the Magisterial District Court Summ., but I did have one in 2006, will this be counted as my first DUI or second?
Second. Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review your case, your options and possible defenses....
Can a sentence of of house arrest, community hrs and/or probation be reduced at last hearing?
One was given house arrest, community hrs and probation for a 2nd DUI that happened 10 months ago. He just finished 90 days of house arrest, safety classes and AA meetings for the 1st one. He has NOT had a drink in 8 months nor does he crave it. He is not an alcoholic. It was a social thing to which he feels genuine remorse. He has been working hard to pay the fines and his college loans. He just wants to put this behind him and to get on his feet again. Will his public defender be able get this reduced at his next hearing where he chooses house arrest or prison?
It is unclear what the original sentence is. If he's on probation, the PO can recommend a reduction in time to be...
I had a dui 10 years ago and didn't pay on it. What do I have to do to get my license back in the state of Pa.
2nd dui
There are many facts that need to be known to answer this post competently. PennDOT has very specific deadlines and...
Charge of new offense occurring before probation but was arrested after probation started is this a violation?
Was given probation on April 27 2015 DUI 2 weeks prior had a incident with 17 year old son alcohol in the car charged with corruption of a minor arrested me April 29 2015 is this a probation violation?
Your dates are confusing. If you were given probation on 4/27 and arreated on 4/29 for an even occurring on or about 4/...
Should I have my record expunged after DUI/Controlled Substance was dismissed at Preliminary hearing?
First of all, I would like to thank all attorneys who advised me to get a lawyer. I was charged with DUI/Controlled Substance and it was dismissed at my Preliminary Hearing on Friday, thanks to my attorney! Anyways, he advised me after the hearing to have this charge expunged. I am no longer allowed to even drive because of my medical condition. In case anyone is wondering, I had a MVA in a parking lot because of a TIA, and that is when I was charged with the DUI, because I take pain meds for my physical disabilities. Again, I can not say thank you enough for advising me to have an attorney. He was expensive, but well worth it!!!! This would have been my 2nd DUI, because of a prior DUI 9 years ago, due to alcohol.
Yes, if you don't want there to be a Public record of the charges filed against you
I have 3 dui's in Pennsylvania. Is there any possible way to get my license back sooner?
I got all of them very close together so they basically put them all together. I have already been sentenced and I am facing a 7 year license suspension. I'm in need of a car for work and other reasons as I have many health problems. I completed in patient as well as out patient rehab. I still need to pay my fines. Is there any possible way to get my license back early? I don't live in the city is nearly impossible for me to get around. I would do anything to get it back. thanks.
If having a driver's license is important to you, and you would "do anything to get it back", then why have you not...