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  • Gun Thieves Indicted

    6 hrs ago | via Times Observer 

    Two New York State men have been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with the theft of firearms from multiple retailers, including one in Tionesta. Ben McCormack, 31, Jamestown, N.Y., and Jason William Thorn, 36, New York, have been charged with possession of stolen firearms and possession of firearms by a convicted felon, according to a Tuesday press release from the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Middle District of Pennsylvania.


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  • Jaguar used in Olympic ceremony shot in Brazil

    Tuesday Jun 21 | via Times Observer 

    A jaguar used in an Olympic torch relay ceremony was shot to death after it escaped its leash and tried to attack a soldier, the Brazilian army said Tuesday. The army's press office said that Juma the jaguar was on display as part of ceremonies Monday at the Jungle Warfare Instruction Center in Manaus.


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  • Left isn't right

    Monday Jun 20 | via Times Observer 

    Again, the left attacks the gun, and ignores the ideology that made the killer. I don't personally like the military style rifles with $$ eating high capacity magazines, but I understand why someone wants one.


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  • Hooligans an asset, liability for Russian government

    Thursday Jun 16 | via Times Observer 

    The Russian soccer hooligans who have fought with rival supporters at the European Championship in France have at various times been both an asset and a liability to the Russian authorities. While the often-nationalist hardcore fans provide a reserve of support for adventurous foreign policy moves and a bulwark against domestic protests, they can also threaten public order at home and embarrass Russia abroad as it seeks global prestige by hosting the 2018 World Cup.


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  • Father of Reeva Steenkamp testifies at Pistorius sen...

    Tuesday Jun 14 | via Times Observer 

    His voice breaking with emotion, the father of Reeva Steenkamp testified in a South African court on Tuesday that her fatal shooting by boyfriend Oscar Pistorius "devastated" his family and that he thinks of her constantly, even trying to imagine the horrific moment of her death. "Oscar has to pay for what he did," said Barry Steenkamp, adding that he would like to talk to the former track star in private at a later stage.


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  • The Latest: Media center cleared by security before ...

    Friday Jun 10 | via Times Observer 

    Journalists at the Stade de France were requested to leave the media center for about 10 minutes as a precautionary measure while police with sniffer dogs came in for a security check before the tournament opener. France has been in a state of emergency since the deadly attacks on November 13 that killed 130 people around Paris and injured hundreds more, rocking the city to its core.


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  • Swimmer started at Stanford amid assault prevention ...

    Tuesday Jun 7 | via Times Observer 

    Brock Turner began his short-lived career as a swimmer at Stanford University two years ago amid renewed efforts by the prestigious California school and other U.S. colleges to prevent campus sexual assaults. Stanford required new students to complete online training over the summer that covered topics such as acquiring affirmative consent for sex and the need for bystanders to intervene.


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  • Frenchman accused of amassing arsenal for Euro 2016 ...

    Monday Jun 6 | via Times Observer 

    A Frenchman who amassed an arsenal of weapons, explosives and tactical gear was plotting to attack the European Championship soccer tournament and was arrested trying to cross into the European Union from Ukraine, officials said Monday. Ukrainian agents had been following the man since December, and allowed him to buy five machine guns, two rocket-propelled grenade launchers, 125 kilograms of TNT, 100 detonators and other arms.


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  • Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes set for return from sus...

    Tuesday May 31 | via Times Observer 

    Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes will report to Triple-A Albuquerque for a rehab assignment on Wednesday, the day after he completes his suspension for violating Major League Baseball's new domestic violence policy. Reyes did not participate in spring training and was suspended through May 31 after being charged with domestic violence for an altercation with his wife in Hawaii last October.


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  • Warren woman avoids most serious charge in assault o...

    May 24, 2016 | via Times Observer 

    A Warren woman who assaulted police officers at Bob Evans Restaurant last December pleaded Tuesday, avoiding the most serious charge. Samantha Ann McGaughey, 28, Warren, entered a guilty plea before President Judge Maureen Skerda to simple assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and harassment.


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Warren Law

Are there sentencing alternatives in Warren PA for 3rd dui with 10 years. Highest limit.
Third dui within 10 years. .24 bac. I have a one year old and a three year old. Hold a management job. Financially support my family. Own my own home. It's been 7 years since my last. I have priors including a felony for supposedly spitting on a cop. I have recently started drinking alot due to depression and anxiety because my fiance of 5 years left me. I have been to the er and family doctor because of my concern with my recent drinking. Have been prescribed anxiety and depression medication. I'm on a waiting list for therapy and counselling.
Your circumstances may help but you are in mandatory sentencing territory. 2 things: Hire an attorney if you have not...
I am being charged with DUI with a child passenger, M1
This is my first time being in trouble and I know that my license is going to be suspended, but for how long?
You need to be concerned with more serious consequences like possible jail time. I'm not sure how PA treats these...
Are fines all the same with ARD?
I got a DUI recently and my breathalizer was .152. I haven't gotten my blood results back yet, so it may be higher or lower than that. Maybe. Anyways, for ARD since there are three levels to that, would the fines and probation be the same for all levels of BAC? I know the third tier is 60 day license suspension and the second tier is 30 days, but are the fines for highest rate the same as for high rate? I am just wondering how much my fines will be. The results could stay at .152, so what could I be looking at in terms of probation time and fines? I know probation for the general impairment tier is 6 months and the highest rate is 12 months, but how long would the second tier be? I can't find much information on that. This is all for the ARD tiers. Any help would be great.
Every county has its own elected District Attorney who decides what the parameters of the ARD program are. You should...
Can I get my alcohol limit reduced in a DUI?
I was charged with a DUI a few weeks ago. I have gotten my paper work in the mail and my blood results were a .20, my breathalyzer was .15. I know I was way over the limit and was in the wrong. This is my first DUI. My question is can I get my DUI lowered to the middle level DUI instead of having it be the third level? A friend of mine had her limit lowered and I asked the public defender about it, and he said they don't do that in my county. I am worried about the fines and was hoping I could get it down a bit so my fines would be a little less. I have ARD papers to turn in but I wanted to ask around about this first. Thanks in advance. I live in Warren County, PA. I had thought about fighting it at first, since my keys weren't in the ignition. I was sitting behind the wheel though.
Sorry, but if you are currently represented by a public defender, t is unethical for another attorney to offer...
Can a police officer arrest you for dui when you were inside a residence for hours?
the officer did not witness the vehicle being driven but approx 3 hours later, knocked on the door at the residence and arrested the person for dui. Is that legal?
As I am not licensed to practice in the state of Pennsylvania, my answer is based on general legal principles. For a...
DUI and open container in PA
i got a dui last week but got an open container violance 7 years ago. I live in PA, Will the open container violance hinder my chance for ARD? My bac was .247.
The open container violation is not going to help, but your bac is by far your bigger problem. According to the reading...
Can you get a dui if you are not in your car.
Can you get a dui if you are drunk inside the store and not in your car?Keys are in car but not in ignition. There is store video footage showing this person driving up to the store. Cops came in store and arrested him.Is a Dui possible if you are not even in your car?
Sure. I mean I suppose you could argue you were drinking in the store?? Depends on a lot of factors but if they find...