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Is it possible to be charged with DUI in NJ when no blood or breath test was taken?
A family member was stopped, given a field sobriety test, failed, arrested, and charged with DUI. This person has (for years) digestion issues which causes them to burp almost constantly. The officer noticed this, and wouldn't administer a breath test. This person was arrested after failing the field sobriety test. After asking the officer to take a breath test (person was confident that they weren't over the legal limit), he still refused to administer the test or take blood. Furthermore, although I'm not sure if it matters or how it works, this person was observed driving/pulled over/arrested outside of the township in which the police officer works. The border of that township is about 3 miles from where this person was stopped. Does he have legal jurisdiction to make a stop here?
Yes you can. When pulled over for a moving violation, where the police officer suspects that the driver may be...
I never bing an problem I don't have papers but I gat a dui What can I do
I was driving and somebody hit me but they blame it on me because I was drunk
Yes, the law considers it to be your fault if you were above the legal limit. You risk deportation, hire a lawyer to...
Do I have to attend AA and NA programs in NJ drug court or are there alternatives? Read description below.
? Since one of drug courts rules is to go to a twelve step program like NA or AA atleast in New Jersey and part of those programs Is finding and having a diety of some sort, is there an alternative program that is specifically based on a more secular guideline? Also would that be sufficient for the New Jersey drug court program ?
I have no idea. But check with them not us. You violate you lose.
Would a DUI affect chances of Citizenship
I have a marraige based Green Card since 2006. I was recently involved in a DUI which I have pleaded non guilty. I want to file for Citizenship.
A singular Misdemeanor DUI without any complications (like leaving a scene of the accident with bodily damage) which...
I have seen on the internet that a supreme court decision states that no license is necessary to drive a automobile on public rd
I received a tick for driving while suspended for sir-charges,if this decision by the supreme court is true can I use as a defense? The article sites multiple cases that have won based on that decision
Don't believe everything you read on the Internet.
How can I prevent my license from being suspended after a 3rd offense for a cell phone violation
I was driving in South Bound Brook. I received a phone call that I ignored. The call came a second time. I put the phone on speaker phone and was pulled over before I could even speak. This is my third offense (the first was Feb 2014 and the second Nov 2014). What should I do to avoid having my license suspended?
The only way you can prevent your license from being suspended is to hire a skilled traffic ticket lawyer. South Bound...
How to get NJ license on CT suspension due to DUI in NJ?
I had a DUI in NJ which got my CT license suspended as well. I got a three month suspension and no interlock needed. In order to get a NJ license I need to reinstate CT license. They require me to install an interlock device for a year. Is there a work around to this( any appeal process) . If not can i remove the interlock device once I get the NJ license rather than waiting for a year.
I would suggest talking to both a NJ and CT attorney. Your work around would have to come from CT.