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I got a dwi in indiana on a Illinois license. I live in indiana now, can what do i have to do to get my car registered?
How would i go about getting my license reinstated?
Call dmv, hire traffic ticket Attorney.
How do I reinstate my Illinois license if I live in Indiana?
I got a OWI in Indiana, they suspended my license for 3 months but I got a letter from security of state Illinois saying that it's revoked.
You have to go through the process of reinstatement through the Illinois Secretary of State. Only once that is done...
Can I sue if I took a misdemeanor plea for dui?
I was involved in a car accident there were no signs of alcohol. I was knocked unconscious and was sleep up until I was order to leave the hospital. 6Mos after this incident I was charged with an DUI. Come to find out no officer took my blood. They used medical blood and now it's a confusion about the discovery because I think it was never one filed. ?????
Did you plead guilty already? If so - you need consult with your attorney.
Can I keep my job as a regional manager for a liquor store independent while on probation ?
I caught a case for unlawful possession of a syringe and owi in December of 2015. I’m just now on a year probation with 6 months of it on home detention. While in iOp I landed a great marketing job for a local independent liquor store establishment. Seems how my owi wasn’t for alcohol can the state make me loose this great opportunity?
You must obey the reasonable conditions and terms of probation or risk the consequences of violation. So read the...
How can I get my license unsuspended? Court dropped my owi charge but BMV suspended license
I got pulled over, passed the breathalyzer and most of the sobriety tests.. was arrested for possession charge and owi. I failed the blood test for the substance in my possession. The courts dropped my owi charge and gave me a deferment for possession. The BMV suspended my license for suspicion of driving under the influence.. can I get my license back since the court dropped the owi? Is it worth getting a lawyer for and having a hearing?
This question will require a more in depth review and access to both your court records and BMV record to answer. You...
What steps2 take ky resident OWI case in Indiana. I plead guilty to dui in KY which inhanced my Indiana charge to felony?
Didn't know one case would affect other. Trying to straighten my life out and this fell into my lap couple days ago
Hire the best OWI lawyer you can afford. It is common for a conviction in one state to affect charges in another.
What can happen probation violation warrant for arrest Indiana during traffic stop
My fiancé was pulled over for a red light going to a football game in Indianapolis .. (we live in ohio) he was told he had a warrant out for his arrest from a probation violation from a DUI 10 years ago!! He’s in jail in Indiana being transfered from Marion co to deerborn co. Where the DUI occurred. 10 years ago He failed a pee test and had to take a class he finished that and he thought that was all he had to do. He didn’t pay for the breathalyzer once it was removed. We have a trucking company now and our family depends on him to drive. He has not been in trouble since the DUI. What will happen? I paid an attorney today $1000 He hasn’t gotten back to me yet
If you've hired an attorney, speak to that attorney. Have an open warrant? you could be arrested.