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Can i fight a dui when i was in my parked car
i had too much to drink, went to drive home and realized it wasnt safe, i pulled over to a car wash parking lot to sleep. i was in the drivers seat and had the car off however i got cold and turned on the car for the heat. an officer woke me up and did a field test and a breath test. i was arrested for dui. i am 49 and this is the first time i have gotten into trouble
I do not practice in New Hampshire, but many state's DUI laws only require the accused to be in "actual physical...
Should I take a plea and plead guilty to DUI (I was 100% sober and unimpaired) or should I go to trial for possession?
I'm charged with DUI with a potential charge of cocaine possession found in my vehicle. I have a choice to make and am unsure of what to do. My situation: I traveled to a friends' housewarming/holiday party a few days after Christmas. Because I would be drinking, I planned in advance to stay the night. The party was fun and family-friendly, with the exception of some college friends from out of state who still smoke marijuana and apparently cocaine as well. I slept in the upstairs guestroom from roughly 2 am to 9:30 am. I left around 10:30 that Sunday morning. Soon thereafter I was pulled over due to a expired inspection sticker. The officer was very suspicious. My anxiety grew as he pressured me. He deemed me unfit to drive and gave me a field sobriety test. This was 11:00 am and I knew I was not impaired. I'm pretty out of shape and, having never done this before, performed poorly--I wasn't falling on my face or anything. With that I was arrested, passed a breathalyzer and gave blood. The test came back positive of percoset (my mother gave me several for a toothache 2 or 3 weeks prior) And a discarded baggy of cocaine residue was found in my vehicle.
You should have a DWI attorney take a look at the discovery before pleading to anything.
Do I have any recourse against this drunk driver?
I was in an accident two 4th of July's ago. A car with 3 kids in it hit the back of my semi. Only the driver survived. I was not physically injured. That night and what I experienced is etched in to my head for life. I was with a firm that finally said since I wasn't injured I had no case. The accident was on the NY thruway just south of Schenectady.
Yes. You can sue. What are your damages? That is what your previous firm was asking. That you don't like it that this...
Can I get the case dropped because of an illegal traffic stop? I was not driving but was impaired
I was in my car parked on the side of a residential road and a cop came around the corner and shined a spotlight on my car told me to get out and conducted a field sobriety test and I was arrested and brought to the police station, had my breath tested. Charged with an aggravated dwi.
The issue in NH would be whether you had the present ability to operate the motor vehicle, regardless of whether the...
What will happen if i missed my DMV hearing for a DWI charge?
I got a DWI in September and I forgot that I had a DMV hearing. I do not have a car nor will be driving at all. Since I will by charged based on default, how long will I lose my license for and are there any consequences of not attending the hearing?
Assuming this is a first offense, your failure to appear at the DMV hearing will result in a 6-month license suspension...
Can I get a hardship license for a 2nd offense DUI(5 years after 1st)?
I was convicted of a 2nd DUI offense(5 years after 1st DUI) in October 2014. I have completed all required programs and paid all fines. Suspension was for 3 years. I have excellent referrals from the alcohol counselor, detectives, and other law enforcement officials I know. I was told by NH DMV that I must provide court documents showing eligibility for a hardship license. At the time of sentencing, there was no hardship license in effect, but as of January 2016, there is now. Is there any possibility of getting a hardship license granted now? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
NH has a new law allowing for limited driving privileges, however it is only available to people convicted of a 1st offense.
Got a DUI 4 yrs ago In Colorado. Never went to the court date because I was headed back to NH how can I get my license now?
I was just getting out of the Army in Colorado Springs returning to NH where I live. So I was not there for my court date. When I tried to renew my license in NH a few months later I was denied. I was wondering what steps I need to take to get it back.
Common sense tells me that you have to hire an attorney in CO to address the criminal case there that has been pending...