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Will a DUI that was resolved with ARD and community service prevent me from getting a job in daycare in PA?
I went through ARD.
Depends on who is hiring. JObs can decline an applicant with an arrest alone. That's the beauty of at will employment.
I totaled my car and got a dui. my gap insurance wont pay because of the dui. can they do that?
I want to see what my legal options are
This isn't really a criminal defense question. It is not uncommon for auto insurance policies to except circumstances...
Is there any way to get your license back in pa after multiple DUIs?
I was charged with my 3 and 4th DUI a week apart and got a 5th one 6 months later I got a 1-2 in bucks and a 1-5 in Montco they all counted as my 3rd but pen dot is running the consecutive how long do I have to wait for a probationary license it will be 3 years in February but pen don't said the year I did in jail dosent count towards my suspension is the any way around this because I need my license back for work I know I messed up but I am in aa now and my life is back on track this is no excuse but It would help if I was able to drive sooner than later thanks
You won't be able to get your license back any time soon. You aren't eligible for an occupational limited license due...
ARD a 2nd time
Had a DUI about 12 years ago and was in the ARD program. I just got arrested this past weekend for DUI in Bucks county. Is there any chance of getting ARD again since it's been more than 10 years? If they don't file in the 5 days does that mean the charges get dismissed?
To start, the charges will not be dismissed if they aren't filed within 5 days. The Bucks County DA's office will...
In Pa, after being convicted of DUI, can you request payment plans for costs, fees, fines...etc?
First DUI, prob be in highest BAC range, no accident, no injuries but did have children(2) in vehicle at the time.
The fact that you had children in the car will make ARD less likely. You shouldn't worry about a payment plan for...
Probation violation in Bucks County PA
I was sentences for a second 1st offence DUI in April of last year and served 5 days in the county jail of a 5 days-6month sentence. I completed my highway safety classes proptly, but have not yet completed my outpatient counseling because I was led to believe by my attorney that I would be on probation for 1 year, and that would be my timeline for completion. Turns out I only had six months. A probation supervisor said she was filing violation proceedings and to try to get the sessions done by my court date. I began them immediately. Am I going back to jail?
You have a reasonable explanation so I only see the Court giving you extra time to complete the requirements. You...
If I get a DUI in Pennsylvania and transfer my license to New Jersey before sentencing in PA can I keep driving
Got a DUI in Pennsylvania Sentencing end of October Transferred my license from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. Registered vehicles in New Jersey Now Live in New Jersey (since Sept 2011) How does Pennsylvania know I have a New Jersey license
When you are sentenced you must either (a) surrender your PA license or (b) complete a DL-16- Acknowledgement of...