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Can an immigrant get a green card with a DWI on their record.
Can an immigrant who recently had a work visa but it wasn't able to be renewed due to a DWI that occurred over a year ago and possibly reckless driving be able to apply for a green card by getting married to a long time partner that is a citizen. And if they stay here for 10 months illegally after the visa wasn't renewed will they qualify for the waiver to not be sent back to their country. When first entering the country over 10 years ago they were illegal then became legal and now is illegal again.
It depends on what kind of 'work visa' that this person had. Talk to an attorney, many use Skype and ask him/her to...
I have a DUI coming up on September 15 2015. I was arrested because of my friends.Do I have a foot to stand on? Is my name clear
Hi there. I was arrested for a DUI in September last year. The police told me after throwing me in the van that I was arrested because My friends verbally assaulted them and they got angry. They did not find me behind the wheel, but my car was damaged as I had to swerve out to avoid colliding with a taxi that skipped a red robot at a junction. They drew blood and the case is pending for September 2015 the 15th. There was also a tow in service that aggravated the arrest on me. Would I be fine. What must I do? I got a job offer in England to start in June. Will this count against me? How can I clear my name Permanently?
You should find an experienced criminal defense attorney practicing in your area to hire and address these issues....
Being sued even tho dependent knew I was drunk and then he threw my keys do I have a case aiding and betting
There was 3 in the car and he only states two people and the third has written to me that he tried to make him claim and he couldn't go through with a lie we was all drinking together and he encouraged me to drive ,his solicitors also have said car was a write off but it isn't photo proof aswell was told by defendant to run from the scene but I didn't trying to sue me for personal injury I was also made bankrupt in July the accident happened nov 2013 I strongly believe he was aiding and betting but could you help and give me more advice many thanks.
Avvo is a website with American Attorneys. They're might be an English version, but I'm not sure.
What effect does a dwi have on obtaining legal custody of a child(niece) that is in the custody of dhs in the state of ar
my sister had her baby taken away by dhs because of drugs . i am trying to get custody of the child. dhs has told me that because my husband received a dwi 5 years ago i would not be eligble.
You really need to consult with a family lawyer. Call the state bar of Arkansas for a recommendation.
Can i lose my driving licence because i was over the legel breath test limit
I suffer from bad stomache acid, i take nexium to cure it. I had 3 glass's of wine in 1.5 hrs, i got breath tested and got done, i pleaded not guilty, the legel driving limit is 35, i was 75 so double, could this be down to stomache acid as wine does set it off badly, will i lose my licence. Thank you
If you were charged with either DWI or Refusal to Submit to a Alcohol test, then your license is going to be suspended...
I am currently taking Nexium, i was breath tested a month ago and my reading was 75, i only had 3 glass's of wine in 1.5 hrs.
The court was adjurned, as i went not guilty, can i still get done ?
I am completely unaware of what you mean by "can I still get done". You were correct in pleading not guilty. Get an...
I crashed a rental car on las vegas blvd, I was dui from the night before. I flew back to England. What will happen? court 8/6?
I am an English tourist who was visiting Las Vegas. I crashed a rental car on las vegas blvd, it was not my fault, a taxi pulled straight out but I was dui from the night before (my birthday). I was arrested and put in jail 22hrs, missed my flight back to England. I was released with a court date in 3 months time. I flew back to England. Where do I stand with the rental company (haven't spoke to them at all) and can I plead in my absence, what are the repercussions if i do not return?
Call an AZ member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers or the Arizona Association of Criminal...