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How should i go about my DUI and Adjustment of status
I received a RFE and it was due to my DUI. I applied to change my status from Asylee to LPR in 2015 and almost 2 years later i received a RFE because it was found out that i was arrested in 2016, 1 year two weeks after i submitted my application. In the RFE i'm asked to explain the discrepancy and provide documentary evidence as to the outcome. I've got a certified copy of my police report, and Court documents stating "No Records" because i've not yet been charged. How do i go about this now? In my answer about the DUI i explained only the discrepancy in the date being that it happened 1 year 2 weeks later. Do i have to go into the details of the arrest given that the police report makes it clear and court records show i have no record?
It's best I contact an immigration lawyer.
How do i prove that a dui was ran concurrent?
My brother was recently arrested at his home on a warrant but we thought that the charge was put together. Now the other county has him on a $50000.00 bond for a FTA.
Pull the plea form and the J&S form.
Aggravated DUI
currently on a un-supervised 2 year deferred sentence, probation
What's the question? I see only statements
In Oklahoma state, can a DUI record get expunged completely or just sealed ?
If a person has DUI convictions, can their record be completely removed or just sealed?
In Oklahoma "expunged" means sealed.
Can I be charged with a second dui if my first dwi was in another state?
I was pulled over for dwi in Texas 5 years ago and was recently pulled over in Oklahoma for dui. Can this be held as my second offense in Oklahoma?
Yes, the full faith and credit clause of the United States Constitution will allow a conviction from one state to be...
DWI and now second is a APC charge.
I have a Dwi from about 8 years ago in my home state of Texas. I moved here several months ago and was arrested for a APC charge. I have taken a evaluation and a victim impact panel on my own before my court date. Well my question for you is what is the court system possibly going to charge me with? Any suggestions that I get get would be very helpful. I didn't move to Oklahoma to be in trouble with the law this was something new to me when I got arrested for this charge. I don't drink and drive after my first charge so wanted to get some advice from professionals in this area.
If you were arrested for APC you will likely be charged with APC. However, depending on the facts and circumstances of...
What happens when I been trminated from drug court for using fake piss
I'm on a 10suspended in drug court and was terminated for bringing pee in
Then you will be going to prison for up to a 10 year sentence.