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Is sex with an intoxicated woman rape if the male is sober?
I am a 20 year old female at a university. A male coworker of mine got my number through our work system, which totally creeped me out. He would text me and we would talk as friends, nothing ever "flirty" so to speak on my part, or nothing that showed I was interested in any romantic/sexual relations with this man. At one point he said something out of the blue like "so, are we going to f***" or what? I didn't respond. He tried to kiss me after work one day- out of nowhere- I refused and drove away. Didn't really think anything of these "signals," thought he was just a "friend who was interested." One night, a friend and I went out and got super drunk. This coworker and I were exchanging some texts because I would need a ride home later & he was sober. My friend got sick at a party, i remember calling him to give us a ride home. I remember him picking us up-dropping my friend off, and then I remember bits and pieces of a dark room, going to the bathroom, and waking up in his bed the next morning- really don't have any recollection of the rest. Felt so violated the next morning, and found out he had sex with me. So depressed still & confused
First, you should ABSOLUTELY report this immediately to the police. Regardless of whether or not this is criminal...
How long can a person get revoked for a misdemeanor. He has 16 months left on probation but a history going back to 2006 5 dui
Last dui in 2006 since then 1 battery 1 obstructing 1 thc now 1 misdemeanor disorderly conduct
It's not clear if that's his record or that's what he's on probation for. A Class A misdemeanor carries with it a...
If I gave a police officer a statement (while under the influence), when I go to court can I take back something I said?
I overdosed on my prescription medication inside a home and when I gave my statement I told the police that I took my medication before I drove to the house. I actually took my medication when I got to the house but didn't want to get people inside the house in trouble. I didn't even drive but I'm being charged for operating with a controlled substance because I denied a blood test. I have to submit a letter for a hearing within 10 days so I don't lose my license.
You have to request a hearing from the court. Do it now. Also, go and see a local owi defense lawyer. You can try to...
DUI and Background Check for Respite Care Worker
I was convicted of a DUI last year. A friend is looking to have me be a respite care worker for her foster kid. Will I be allowed to offer this service to her or will my DUI prevent this? Thanks for your help!
I am not licensed in Wisconsin, so please take my answer with that in mind. I do not think the State of Wisconsin...
Underage Age Drinking Ticket in an On-Campus Apartment
The other week, I received an underage drinking ticket at our on-campus apartment. Apparently, someone called the police on us for being too loud. Because we are in a campus apartment, noise issues and drinking issues are usually taken up by the R.A.'s and handled by the University, which results in much less consequences and no ticket. And it wasn't even the campus police who came, it was the City of Whitewater cops who came. Because of this situation is there any course of action I can take here to get this ticket removed?
If it was private housing, it is not unusual that City cops responded. (If UW-W PD had responded to a dorm, you still...
Are Wisconsin Non Traffic Citation And Complaint criminal charges?
I received 3 Wisconsin Non Traffic Citation And Complaint's in September for Underage Alcohol, Fail to obey officer, and Disorderly Conduct Objectionable Conduct. I paid these fines. Then in November, my friend got pulled over when I was in the back seat with others we had drank before I left. I eventually got breathalyzed and recieved Minor Alcohol Consumption in Indiana. I need to sign a statement saying I have not been convicted of Criminal charges in the past year to avoid going to trial. Are the Citations I received in Wisconsin Criminal charges, and would it be okay to sign this document?
This is a request for specific legal advice, not a general question, and it is not possible to give an answer you can...
OWI and drivers license question!
So I have an IL license and was convicted of an OWI first offense in WI. The WI DOT suspended my privileges to drive in WI for 6 months. I want to get a WI license before/if IL suspends my license (since they are not apart of the Drivers License Compact). My main concern is applying for jobs after college, may jobs require a "valid" drivers license. So if I obtain a WI license and serve my suspension, after 6 months will I have a valid license in WI even if IL suspends my driving privileges? Also, I heard many stories of "out-of-state" suspensions appearing in the future, can I just report my OWI to IL and begin my suspension for them right away (which is most likely one year) and get it over with? Any advice is much appreciated!!
Why don't you contact attorneys in both states for free initial consultations and ask for the specific legal advice you...