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How do I resolve bench warrant?
Last May I got pulled over for looking at my cell phone while waiting at a light. When police ran my plates they discovered my car was uninsured and therefore my registration had been revoked.(without my knowledge). My car was towed and I was given ticket. I had recently switched insurance companies and there was a mix up over timing of new policy etc.... Easy solution to fix. Recently after getting ticket I had a family emergency and moved back to CT. I was there for several months helping out and forgot about ticket. Recently found out there is warrant out for not showing up to court (I did not receive summons). I want to clear it up right away but am scared about going to jail. I'm also planning on leaving country in next few weeks on as a volunteer for an organization with my school. I need to get it cleared before leaving asci don't want any problems at airport. Can I show up at court, pay fines and get warrant resolved? Do I need to go with a lawyer??
Your best bet is to retain a criminal law attorney tomorrow. That's not a lot of time.
Have you ever admitted to or been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor in the US , other than a traffic violation ?
I am filling out a SW license application. I had a CWOF for an OUi in 2011. Would I need to answer yes?
You admitted to a misdemeanor...traffic violation.
Arrested for DWI on 5/31 in NH and have ma license. Refused breathalizer and have court 6/19. Completed cori for job today will
It show up on cori?
Yes, probably.
Do any probation departments in mass use etg testing for alchohol my probation dept uses an outside lab and charges 15.00 for ea
i have read the occ manual and all they specify is breathlyzer tests what can probation be testing for that cost 15.00 this is a new policy they used to do it in house for free
Your question is so confusing that I don't know how to answer it. What probation department charges you for outside...
I refused a breathalyzer in 1989 and the RMV in Massachusetts will only let me renew my license if I install a breathalyzer.
The RMV says it was an oversight by the courts , yet now it rears it's ugly head. I was found innocent of OUI and my attorney said I was lucky for no suspension for refusal of the breathalyzer. Due to Melanie's Law I have moved out of state. Will this follow me everywhere?
Refusal of a breathalyzer in MA only results in a 6 month suspension. If the RMV is requiring a ignition device, there...
How many surchargeable events does it take to receive a license suspension?
I am taking a class for three surchargeable events, however I was just in an accident and received two more citations. I am appealing them, but according to some online sources it takes seven surchargeable events to warrant a suspension.
See the following MA RMV link: http://www.mass.gov/rmv/suspend/index.htm
Can I hire a lawyer to clear my driving records from a DUI from 5 years ago to be able to get hired at a car dealership?
DUI from 5 years ago. Blood test was performed getting at .24. No one was hurt just got pulled over and was taken by the cop over night. Lost license for 1 year. Now I'm in the car sales business but a lot of places won't hire me because of that. Live in Massachusetts but incident happened in new Hampshire.
Mass RMV driving history records cannot be "cleared", sealed, expunged etc.