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If I got a DUI in CA but live in MA, do I also need a MA Lawyer?
I was charged with a dui 7 months ago in CA on vacation. I hired an attorney in CA but want to know if I need a MA One. Also, is my license suspended before the final arraingment or the day of arrest?
Sounds like you need to hire a lawyer in California, the state where you are charged. They will be licensed to practice...
Recieved a massachusetts uniform citation by mail for criminal offense of OUI-liquor, (neg)OPERATING TO ENDANGER, MARKED LANES
My son has an accident after having a few beers. He hit an abandoned car in the breakdown lane of the highway. He was not arrested or tested for alcohol on the scene or at hospital. 12 days later we received a massachusetts uniform citation with the description of offense as, 1. OUI-LIQUOR-criminal box is checked 2. (NEG)OPERATION TO ENDANGER-criminal box checked 3. MARKED LANES (RI-BDL) civil box checked. He is asked to sign citation for a hearing as to wheter a criminal complain should be issued against him. How much trouble is he in? He is over 21. Can the they charge him with an OUI at the hearing without proof?
He can mail the citation into the clerk's office of the court serving the town where the accident happened to request a...
My son got a dui in California with his Massachusetts drivers license. Can he drive when he returns home?
He moved to California, but did not get a California driver's license. He is moving back home to Massachusetts
As long as his license was not revoked or suspended...
Can I drive if I am 20 (under 21) after consuming a quarter of a beer (legally in my household with my parents consent).
If I am in the legal limit for BAC, and am 20 but drank legally in my household with my parents consent, am I allowed to drive?
Yes but if you are a driver under 21 years old the determination of the legal limit for blood alcohol content is .02...
Patch.com has my name published for a DUI incident. We agreed to plea with a CWOF.
Patch says they'll remove my name from their website after the sentence has been served or if I've been found not guilty. Can I ask for them to remove it now? I'm not familiar with the legal system and it's termanologies but I really don't want my name to be there anymore.
When you agree to a plea for a CWOF, you are actually pleading guilty and admitting to the facts necessary to do so....
Was I better off not taking the breatherlixer test even though I was told by taking the test?
Court hearing on oui with out of state license
You need to give more information. Presently if you blew over 0.08 the per se law says you are guilty. That being...
Has attorney david Zirlen gotton a license restored to any one that has more than 5 dui?
life time loss of license
AVVO does not allow direct solicitation of clients. If you want to know an attorney's track record, you can contact...