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DMV asking you to request a DUI hearing twice?
I called the DMV Safety Office within ten days of my arrest to request a hearing and a stay on my license. I then received a letter in the mail from the DMV a few days later asking me to request a hearing within fourteen days or my license would end up being suspended? Can anyone clarify why they're asking me to request a hearing twice? Thank you.
The letter is sent as a result of the officer failing to properly complete the form DS367, usually, by failing to...
How can I prove my life was in danger resulting in a felony Hit and Run and DUI charge?
I was driving home one evening and came across a car parked perpendicular in the road, blocking both lanes of traffic. Myself and the other driver exchanged words through our cars, which resulted in me opening my car to scream louder; seat-belt still on, did not exit my car. At this time, the driver and two other passengers in the other car jumped out, one punched me with a closed fist, left side of face. I fled the scene for fear of my life and allegedly hit their car and a person. They then chased me, tailgating, for about two miles down a windy dark road, resulting in my totaling my car. They then fled the scene and the police showed up. Was arrested for DUI (.06 at station), and hit and run. How can I prove this case as I was alone when this happened and it's a he said/she said case?
That's quite a scary story. He said/she said cases are difficult to prove for both sides. That's a rather low BAC as...
I am supposed to get my license back February 15 from a DUI suspension etc. I will have done everything that is required at that
point. My question is how long does it take to actually get your physical hard license back once you go into the CA DMV to get your license back. I will need to know because I understand I can rent a car from Enterprise but they will require a hard license. Thanks for your help.
I doubt anyone here will know. It's all DMV specific. I can tell you that I recently had to renew, got a paper license...
Is it ok to get a second opinion with a DUI attorney in regards in regards to my Dui Case?
Does my attorney have to know that I am getting a second opinion in regards to my case? I feel a little uneasy how my case is being handled. Iwill be going to court again soon and I would like an opinion from another attorney as to what stragety should be taken. I don't know if I have any defenses regarding my case. First time stopped, low bac(.09), and that's about it. The issue that concerns me is the last time I talked to my attorney there was no comment from the attorney what is my defense. Do you just go to court and see what is offerred? A little confused. Thank you for your comments.
How does anyone formulate a defense without looking at the evidence? Unless you retained them with time to investigate...
Tomorrow I am getting an interlock device put on my car for a first-time offense. I just remembered that I think Androgel,
which is an alcohol based testosterone gel....two pumps..I rub on my upper arms...daily. Will taking this cause the interlock device to prohibit me from starting my car? And if it does, should I be concerned it will get reported, etc?
Speak with your doctor about this. What does the testosterone gel do for you?
Let's use a hypothetical scenario in which a person is arrested for a DUI on April 1 and waives the DMV hearing and gets a
restricted license on May 1. Let's say the court date in which they are convicted is June 15. They are sentenced to a six-month suspended license.( no need to assume additional things such as fine, DUI school, etc. for purposes of discussion here). Will they get credit from the court for the time the license was suspended for the 30 days plus the additional time that they've had a restricted license? Will this apply towards the six months that the court sentenced them (suspended license) or does the clock start all over again and they have to serve the six-month suspension when they are convicted by the court on June 15? Thanks for the info.
Yes and no. If you waived DMV hearing, and got a restricted license, you only get hard suspension credit. So, when...
I am getting conflicting info. The interlock company says they install IIDs all the time for people who are still under a hard
suspension (in my case 30 days for first time DUI) prior to the completion of the hard suspension. In my case the court ordered a 6mo. suspension. I'd just as soon have the clock start when the device is installed (rather than wait for the hard suspension to end). So 1. Does the 6 mo. period begin as soon as I have the device installed even if it's prior to the 30 day hard DMV suspension and 2. Will my blowing into the device if it's installed prior to the 30 day hard suspension being completed ( someone else will be driving to and from the interlock installation place) trigger any suspicion because it's prior to the 30 day hard suspension? The interlock company says definitely not. They install all the time prior to hard suspensions being completed.
6 month court related suspension starts as soon as you are convicted. D dmv suspends after APS hearing, the 30 day hard...