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What am i going to get charged with, for furnishing alcohol to a minor in Walla Walla Washington?
i was with a friend that is 18 years old and he took some alcohol from his parents fridge without permission and we went out fishing and the police showed up and i took the blame for it so he wouldn't get in trouble.
There is no need for you to take blame for anything you didn't do. Get an attorney, an experienced criminal defense...
DUI case dismissed, License suspended for a year, Anything I can do to get it back from the DMV?
Pulled over for erratic driving, I was asked for a sobriety test, so I got out and was arrested instead, asked for attorney at the jail, forgetting it's 4 am by this time, no one answered so I stated I'll try later and was put into the holding cell after I got photographed and finger printed. No recollection of being asked for a breathalyzer in jail, but the officer put down I refused, (automatically suspended after that) Let out 3 hours later. The case was dismissed for asking for an attorney and not getting one. This incident occurred a few years ago 2010-2011.
You can check out the DOL website and see the requirements to obtain your license. Because you refused, your license...
IF the BAC is written on the citation wrong. Is that something that could dismiss a DUII in Oregon?
I pulled over due to a flat tire. The cop past me and turned around and turned on his lights. He arrested me for a DUII. I refused the field sobriety. At the station I blew a BAC of .16 on the citation he wrote a BAC .016.. Is that something that could help me in my case?
Probably not. Normally this error will be overcome with a printout of your breath test. Nevertheless you should...
Do we have a "Right to Travel "without drivers license since traveling in Recreational vehicle? Non-Commercial Purpose driving
JusticeTolman of the Washington Supreme Court (ref) . Or legal maxim is that free people have a right to travel on the roads which are provided by their servants. I also know that that RCW 46.20.001 requires you to have a driver’s license but yet it states "(1) No person may drive a motor vehicle upon a highway in this state without first obtaining a valid driver's license issued to Washington residents under this chapter.” THERE IS NO LICENSE ISSUED UNDER THIS CHAPTER And RCW 46.25.080 is the only thing talking about what is needed and only talks Commercial Licenses. I also know about RCW 46.025.050 Commercial driver's license required Exceptions, restrictions, reciprocity. which states "Exception for(c) Who is operating a recreational vehicle for noncommecial WAC 300-100-210
Get a license to drive in the State where you reside or get a ticket and have to pay a fine, do work crew, community...
What am i looking at for a second dui in 7 years!
i was seen pulling into my drive way from a distance and cops pulled up! i was out of my car by that time along with my keys. I was asked for a bac test and said no to an onsite one! as i heard the calibration of those are not accurate! i was then taken to jail were i had my blood draw for a bac content! and was not givin the choice for a breath aliyzer at that time. wondering what i could face for charges and penalties? as i havent received by bac content yet! and am going to meetings already. as i know i have a prob when i drink to deal with a seperation! after 7 years.
If convicted, you are looking at a minimum of 30 days in jail, a 2 year license suspension, fines, costs, ignition...
If my boyfriend got a dui And crashed into a electical fence but not much damage and was arrested CAN HE GET DEPORTED
Because this is an immigration question, I am changing the practice area to Immigration so that your question will be...
My boyfriend failed my interlock, and then passed 30 seconds later... What happens now?
I am on the deferred prosecution program for my 2nd DUI. I have completed treatment, pay all my fines on time every month and have a good relationship with my probation officer. My boyfriend used mouthwash and didn't wait enough time before he blew into the interlock. He blew again 30 seconds later and passed and was able to start the car. (this was at noon by the way, he was taking our 1 yr old to the park and I was out of town). I have never violated my probation, and I didn't even know about his failure in the interlock until I got it callibrated, because he didn't think it was "bad" since he passed the re test. What is going to happen? I am so stressed about this!
Keeping in mind that probation officers and judges are usually very skeptical of "mouthwash" stories, it is not...