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IM FROM HAVERTOWN, DELCO COUNTY.....BUT ITS HAPPENED IN COSTEVILLE, CHESTER COUNTY.....LAST THING...THIS WILL BE my 3rd...but its not there no more, longer than 10yrs before if the 2nd count AS 2nd.....i DOUBT IT.....sp iThink this will be my 2nd....plz email me to tell how much cuz i cannot drive around. Thanks Guy
Call some criminal defense lawyers in Chester County on Monday. Some may quote you a price on the phone but I doubt...
Is an attorney able to get weed dui charges reduced?
My son drove into a sobriety check point and the police office claimed he smelled weed in the car and order my son to have a blood test. Today he had court and we have a good attorney although Iam questioning my sons defense because he was given a years lose of license and 18 months of probation. Seems like he was given the penalty straight from the pa laws and that no plea bargin was made on my sons behalf. How does it work? Is an attorney able to plea bargin down weed dui charges?
You hired an attorney to represent your son. These are questions which you should ask the attorney you are paying for...
Sent for post accident testing, timeline passed, changed to reasonable suspicion without notifying supervisor who ordered test
I was specifically sent for post accident testing, by Director of departments orders. determined timeline for post accident was not applicable because time line passed. Test was changed to reasonable suspicion, without informing the initial director, by a medical clerk and my working manager who agreed to testing without authorization or specific face to face determination or documents supporting the test change! Outside contractor caused incident, which was documented they were at fault, yet I was held accountable for violating safety rules and unauthorized leaving of assigned work area, even tho I was taking my lunch break at time of incident. Also same department different classification employee, still safety sensitive, blatenlty violates safety standards and doesn't properly hold documented job briefing and proper testing of circuit, and grounded out a live circuit, but weren't held to same standards as I was! They were not sent down for any type of drug testing! Reasonable suspicion under company policy, but reasoning was falsified, and determined after test was already given!
Speak to an employment attorney, your remedies will differ depending on whether you are an at will employee or union...
Just got 3 dui at the same time...3802A*(lead).....3802A2*.......3802B*.......and other (S)
i am currently holding an OLL license. But i need to go to homedepot and get some tools. i came out drove half way home & arresting me for DUI. couple days later, mail was home , (as i describe above)...My ques is ,....any Lawyer out there could low charges down to Tier 1 ? also could you ask DA to make it home address.....Last is Erase all the Summary ?? Never know that is so Serious. THANKS
Two of the charges you are facing are Tier 1. The other, 3802(b) is a Tier 2. It is possible to lower it if the facts...
Can I refuse a drug test from CYS
My daughter's drink was compromised at a party. She went ot the hospital and her drug test came back negative. Now they want to test the gtandparent whom the child lives with
Tough to say failure to comply may lead to children being taken away while a positive test may lose them as well....
Will i have a warrant for failure to appear or dui after all this time
three years ago i ran out of gas on I-95 near a construction site where a state police officer helped me push my car over andsmelled alcolol on me he arreste me for dui at the station then released me that nite. He knew I am dying from cancer and was very nice to me. I never received papers never went to post office to pick up anyway i failed to appear for court, Now three years later officer called me on phone and said to turn myself in at a district court. is there a statute of limitations on dui charges or will I have a warrant for failure to appear
Once the complaint is filed, there is no statute of limitations. However, there could be some defenses. Meet with a...
How will this dui in another state affect my dui probation?
I have 3 years fresh probation for a DUI and driving without a license. This would be my 4th strike. My probation officer hasn't found out about it yet and I think it's because it's in another state but I go to court later this month for it. I wrecked the car I was in. Am I facing jail time. I have been locked up before for this.
Sounds like you have put yourself in a position for substantial jail time. The violation is a bad one and a judge will...