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  • Meek Mill Sued Again Over Deadly Concert Shooting

    Thursday Nov 30 | via HipHopDx 

    The currently incarcerated rapper , along with his management team at Roc Nation, is being hit with a wrongful death lawsuit stemming from a shooting that left two dead and further injured two others at one of his concerts in Wallingford, Connecticut last December. As per TMZ , the family of Jaquan Graves - one of the victims fatally shot outside the concert - claims that Meek and the entertainment company "allowed thugs to remain on the premises, after exhibiting disorderly, disruptive, argumentative, angry and/or agitated behavior toward patrons."


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  • Meek Mill and Roc Nation hit with wrongful death suit

    Wednesday Nov 29 | via Daily Mail 

    'Karma is a b****': Joy Behar and Rose McGowan lead celebrities delighted to see Matt Lauer sacked from NBC - while Keith Olbermann accuses network of 'enabling' him Meek Mill and Jay Z's Roc Nation hit with wrongful death lawsuit by family of concertgoer killed outside venue Both Meek Mill and Roc Nation are being sued by the family of a man who was shot and killed in the parking lot of a theater. The family of Jaquan Graves is suing the rapper and Jay's Z's record company for 'allowing thugs to remain on the premises' of the Oakdale Theatre in Wallingford, Connecticut, according to TMZ .


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Wallingford Law

DUI in Connecticut and applying for Alcohol education program
I got arrested for a DUI after rear-ending someone. No one was injured and insurance for the accident is taken care of. Will I be required to send notice of the application if the person I hit was not injured?
Yes you do. Even though there were no injuries reported, the statute still requires notice to the victim.
I am a Connecticut resident charged with a DUI in Colorado, will I face CT or CO criminal and administrative penalties?
I was charged with a DUI while in vacation in Colorado, but I am unsure as to whether I will receive penalties belonging to my home state (CT) or CO.
You face the charges in the jurisdiction where you are accused. Your home state will honor CO DMV and court...
If I was charged with a DUI in Colorado; how will it impact my CT driving license and criminal record?
I was visiting Colorado and, although I was not pulled over, I was approached in a parking lot by a police officer who suspected that I was driving under the influence. I opted for a blood test instead of a breathalyzer test and am still awaiting the results. The officer did not take my license, nor take me to the police station. Instead, he dropped me off at my hotel following the test. I am concerned about what may occur in CT as a result of the incident. Will my CT license be revoked? Will I have to get an IID device installed in my vehicle? I have received a few conflicting responses from attorneys.
I would need a little more information to provide an intelligent answer. Was the car running? Why the blood test...
Can I use someone else's car if it is registered and insured in their name to install a breathalizer device for myself, legally?
Can I use someone else's care and insurance to install an interlock device , is this legal for the program, or are the requirements to have the car itself belong to me , be registered and insured to me in order to install a breathilizer and fulfill the legal requirements?
Check with the attorney who handled the case for you. He/she will tell you the requirements/limitations.
What are the chances I can get 2 non violent burglaries expunged. Only other time ive been in trouble was a DUI about 3 years ag
Trying to find the likelihood I can get my record expunged of 2 different non violent burglaries that occurred over 5 years ago.
You'll have to apply for a Pardon. If your DUI was a conviction yould have to include it as well in your Pardon application.
Can my New York license be suspended from getting a DUI in Connecticut ?
I was pulled over for speeding and arrested early Sunday morning .After blowing a .22 I was charged with a DUI.
The answer is yes. DMV Conn will notify NY
My brother was driving my car and got arrested with DUI, can I sue him fir reckless driving and risk of getting me in trouble?"
Would there be a case against him?
Unless you were in the car and suffered some type of damage as a result of his negligent action in driving under the...